Posted by: wildflowerz | October 30, 2010

‘Cause little by little, we gave you everything you ever dreamed of. Little by little, the wheels of your life have slowly fallen off. Little by little, you have to give it all in all your life and all the time I just asked myself why you’re really here.

Friday went well.  We took Em to school and then went to hang out in the cafeteria until it was time for the Cattle Drive.  Once they started, we moved out into the hall to see them.  My camera sucks hard, so it was tough getting pictures.  here’s was the last class, but I tried to take pictures of her other friends.  I missed a lot of them.  Here’s the one I got of Em, though.  Her cow was riding a tricycle, but Chris half-assed the project and just attached it with a belt and the cow slid off.  So, she just carried the cow around.  It did work better than her friend’s cow.  Her friends totally fell apart.  Poor kid!  She was super cute, though in her cowgirl hat!  You should have seen some of the cows these people came up with.  One girl in her class knew someone with access to a Chic Fil A cow suit, so they walked around with her.  Someone else had a real cow skull attached to a wooden cow frame.  Most were on rollers.  Some even lit up.  It was a bit insane, especially since this is just some weird tradition her school does that doesn’t anything to do with anything and they aren’t graded on it or anything.  Yes, it’s super cute.  No, it makes no sense whatsoever.

We came home after that and wasted some time until it was time to go back for the “Halloween Activities” they were having that afternoon.  See, they can only have two parties a year.  One’s at Christmas and one’s at the end of the year.  So, to get around it, they aren’t calling it a party.  “See kids?  This is how we get around the rules.”  Lol.  Whatever, they had fun.  They had two tables set up.  One was where the kids used icing and sprinkle stuff to decorate sugar cookies.  And then eat them.  The other was a craft that was a spider that had a pocket in it to store goodies and stuff.  After that, the teacher carved a pumpkin and let the kids dig out the guts.  The picture at the left is Emily with her new best friend.  Em with the witchy finger and her friend with vampire teeth.  I was taking Em to the library after and to the grocery store to get snacks for the soccer game after school, but Chris had to get back home.  So, Emily wanted to ride the bus with her friend, so Chris and I left and I met the bus later.  We did our errands and came home.

I also talked to the mom of one of her other friends in the neighborhood yesterday morning.  We decided to go over to their house on Sunday for some pizza before the kids head out for trick or treating.  Should be fun.

Today, Em had her soccer game at 10:30.  After 3 straight losses, her team finally won again.  Woot!  I was so irritated with her at the end.  She said she got tired, so she was so not doing anything.  She was moping around while she was on the field…not paying attention…certainly not running.  REALLY pissed me off.  I told her I as disappointed in her not trying at the end and that by doing that, she was showing her team that she didn’t care about them because she wasn’t trying.  She promised to not do it again…we’ll see, I guess.

My mom called yesterday afternoon and told us she was going to come Friday evening, spend the night, and come to the game with us today.  Em was excited.  Her regular coach’s daughter got sick on the way, so he didn’t end up getting there until half-way through the game.  Luckily, another girl has an older brother and her dad coaches his team, so he could fill in.  Afterwards, we had lunch at Olive Garden.  My mom always picks that place.  It was yum, but the service wasn’t great.  It was really slow.  After, we wandered around Target.  Em got one of those Hexbug Nano thingys.  We also found a cheap copy of The Dark Knight on Bluray and got 3 pairs of tights for Em.  They had a MUCH better selection there than they do at our normal Target.  After we came home, Em’s friend came over and they played for a while.  Now we’ve splurged on Zaxby’s for dinner and we’re watching A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.  Daniel Craig looks seriously funny.  His hair is awful!  I also just realized this is the skeevy kid from American Pie.

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