Posted by: wildflowerz | November 14, 2010

I feel like a zombie gone back to life (back to life). Hands up, and suddenly we all got our hands up. No control of my body. Ain’t I seen you before?

And just like that?  I’m done Christmas shopping for Em.  We had nothing going on today, so Em went over to the neighbors to play.  So since Em was out of the house, Chris and I sat down to look at Em’s wish list.  We picked out everything for her, ordered it from Amazon, and we’re all set.  I’m so excited!

We went Friday to see Chris Hardwick.  He was hysterical!  First off, we were going to eat at the Vortex.  But we decided to go out with Em and my Mom instead.  Later, we headed down and found the place.  I’d never heard of The Laughing Skull before, but evidently it’s famous.  Also?  It’s about the size of our family room.  You get there by going THROUGH the Vortex and past their bathrooms.  It’s this teeny back room.  There are 10 teensy tables that butt right up at the stage.  Behind that are 3 rows of really uncomfortable chairs.  Then there’s a small bar and a few more stadium-type seats on one side.  So, the show starts and there’s this really not very funny, uncomfortable host.  He was creepy.  There were 3 opening people who did 10-25 minutes each.  The first one was pretty funny…he was this bigger bald guy with a giant beard.  The next one was a skinny, geeky guy that was kinda Michael Cera cute/awkward.  The last guy was a jockier looking guy with a Justin Beiber hair cut.  He was pretty funny.  then Hardwick came out.  He was so funny and likable!  Made me a bigger fan.  Loved it!

Saturday we had Em’s last soccer game.  They won, 5-2.  Afterwards, they did awards (Most Spirted for Em), medals, and pictures.  I’ll try and get her picture scanned and posted ’cause it’s too cute. 🙂  After that, we headed back to a friend’s little girl’s bday party.  We had thought we were just going to be able to drop by and drop off the gift, but the party was still going, so we got to stay.  Got to see two cutie patootie babies and Em had fun.  It was good.  After, we headed home, gave Em a quick shower, and headed to Longhorn.  Em had gotten a free kid’s meal with her last report card, so we used it.

Our media stuff is a mixed bag here.  Our tv is kinda fucked.  The bulb blew for the third time.  We got a replacement, but it was a PAIN in the ass to replace.  It took Chris ages to get it in right.  Also, it started flickering a bit after we put it in, so yeah.  It seems to be okay now.  My mom had told Chris about a tv at either Best Buy or Target that was going to be on sale on Black Friday.  It’s a 40″ something or other (yeah, I know nothing about technology) for just under $300.  We’re thinking Chris might go out and get it and we’ll put it in our bedroom until our giant tv downstairs breaks down and then get rid of the big one.  40″ is way smaller than what we got now, but I’m freakin’ sick of our tv breaking down every 5 minutes.  Anyway, Chris found this awesome stuff.  He found a service that will d/l tv shows automajically.  But the best part, is that he also found out how to watch video files saved on our computer through our xbox.  It’s fabulous.  The most irritating part of what I’d been doing is the burning to dvd ’cause it takes forever.  So, yeah.

Oh, yeah.  Diety stuff.  I’m going to try my best to get back on program this week.  I’ve let myself slip quite a bit this weekend, but I’m going to try and do a lot better this week.  We’ll see.  Wish me luck.  I haven’t logged any of the food I’ve eaten.  I didn’t exercise any this week.  I did do better with caffeine.  I’ve had only 1 caffeinated beverage a day except for yesterday.  But I haven’t had enough water.  Blah.


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