Posted by: wildflowerz | November 21, 2010

We wouldn’t last two days without her. Don’t tell her I said that.

I’m not sure how accurate it is to say there are spoilers in this review because the books are so widely read, but in the event that you’re one of the very few who came here and haven’t read the books, there are spoilers here.

I went to see Harry Potter on Friday.  10am showing.  I almost made it through the entire thing, but I had to take a bathroom break in the middle.  I was able to wait until it was the scene where Ron leaves…you know, the one that’s been on every talk show this week?  Anyway, so here are my thoughts:

Taking the movie alone, I liked it.  How can you not?  I’ve watched these from the beginning.  I LOVE the books.  I love the movies.  Let me say that in the past, I haven’t noticed the differences between the books and the movies quite as much.  I’m not sure if it’s because there’s been such a lag between the reading and the viewing and I had time to blur my memories.  THIS time, I just finished my re-read of the series.  THIS time, I noticed a ton of differences.  And some I get…the introductions of people we should already know (Mundungas) or info we should already know were awkward.  I get why they didn’t use polyjuice on Harry for the wedding.  I get why they left out the birthday part at the beginning, but why did they had that stupid Hermione comment about forgetting it?  It seemed…lame.  But the scene with the Minister and Dumbledore’s will was COMPLETELY changed.  So much, that the meaning behind it was entirely lost.  Other small changes were made that did the same thing.  For instance, when Ron comes back and he’s talking to Harry about the deluminator.  He originally told Harry that he thought the reason Dumbledore left it to him was because he knew he’d leave them.  Then Harry says that it was because Dumbledore knew he’d want to come back.  In the movie, Ron jumps right to Harry’s conclusion from the book.  That doesn’t fit with Ron at all.  I forget, did Harry break up with Ginny in Half Blood Prince movie?  Because they skipped over the part where Ron gets mad because Harry kisses her in Deathly Hallows because he thought he was playing with her.  I know it was minor, in general, but I missed the part where they find the portraits of them Luna has in her room.  I loved that part in the book!  They also changed a lot that let them hide what they were doing in the book.  For instance, they escape the MoM in the book still under the polyjuice potion.  Hermione made a fake locket for that toad Umbridge.  In the movie, the juice fails as they’re leaving.  Also, Wormtail doesn’t die at the Malfoys (or at all in the first movie) and they don’t get time to talk to Griphook to ask him to lie about the sword’s authenticity.  There’s nothing about the Black headmaster portrait.  There’s no fake sword.  Ron’s the one that discovered RAB and not Harry.  There’s no Dean.  And there’s no Krum.

So, all I’m doing is bitching…what did I like?  I loved Hermione’s looks.  They were perfect.  She said loads without saying anything.  The dance between Harry and Hermione was a bit awkward, but kinda fun.  George in the kitchen when Harry and Ginny kiss was fun.  The Nagina part with Bathilda made me jump in my seat!  I enjoyed the part at the Lovegoods too.  Also, I loved the tiny glimpse we got of Neville on the train.  It was a change from the book and it was such a minor thing, but it sets the tone for when we go back to Howarts later and see him.  He’s living up to his place as a Gryffindor.

As far as Em goes…I wasn’t sure she should see it.  I thought it was much scarier than the previous ones.  I also thought the change from seeing it on the (relatively) small screen at home and the big screen at the movies might be too much.  Chris went Friday night.  He thinks she’ll be okay.  He didn’t think it was particularly scary, but just that there’s no uplifting message to this one like the rest. (Duh, it’s half the book.)  So, I don’t know.  Let me go ahead and say it in case you’re a parent looking for a parent’s review:  There’s a much more adult kissing scene.  When Ron comes back and Harry opens the locket, the part of Voldemort’s soul comes out.  You remember this?  Images of Harry and Hermione come out saying how worthless he is and how he should stay behind and how they’re into each other and who would love him when they could have Harry?  Well, you’ll also remember there’s a Harry/Hermione kiss.  In the movie, it’s a very passionate kiss and they’re naked.  You see them from the side, from mid-torso up.  You can definitely see they’re naked and her boobage is pressed up against Harry, but you’re not actually seeing more of her than you would in a daring evening dress.  It doesn’t last terribly long.  Yes it’s more adult by far in anything in the other movies, but it’s really not that bad and it’s over quickly.  It wasn’t much of a concern for me with regards to Em…the violence was way more of a factor for me.  So, Chris thinks she’ll be okay and I’m hesitant.  I think we’re going to do a re-watch of the movies this week and possibly go see it on the weekend with her.  I think Tangled also comes out next weekend.  We’ll see.

So, overall, I liked it, but I think it’s my least favorite of the movies.  I might change my mind when I see the second half.  It’s harder when you split a book like that.  There’s no logical conclusion to the movie that make it stand on it’s own easily. I look forward to the conclusion where we get to see more of the students and where we get to see into the future.  I hope they show more of the other students’ futures in the movie than we get in the book too.

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