Posted by: wildflowerz | November 29, 2010

Down in the workshop all the elves were makin’ toys for the good Gentile girls and the good Gentile boys.

Hey, look.  An update.  We did Thanksgiving with Chris’s fam on Wednesday night.  It was a bit of confusion, but it worked out fine.  I didn’t have any cat problems while I was there, but I started getting itchy and sneezy just after we left, so I guess it’s good that we left when we did.  I was exhausted, though.  I’d been on my feet most of the day cooking and cleaning.  Thursday, we had my parents over, but I planned on dinner at 4pm instead of for lunch so I wouldn’t have to rush around in the morning.  That worked, but since we usually do Christmas decorations after dinner, we hit a snag.  My dad usually helps Chris put up the outside lights.  I didn’t think about doing it before we ate and after I couldn’t prod them into doing anything.  And since it rained all the next day, it didn’t get done.  Oh well.

We took Em to see Tangled on Saturday.  It was okay.  I just love that Zachary Levi.  Honestly, I thought that Rapunzel was voiced by Amy Adams, but it was really Mandy Moore.  The story was cute.  The animation was good.  The little chameleon thing was cute.  But the songs?  They weren’t funny.  They weren’t particularly catchy.  So they didn’t add a whole lot to the story.  Em determined that it was the best movie EVAR….except for all the Harry Potters.  😛

Sunday, we went shopping.  BAD idea.  I thought it would be better if I actually had some help.  Turns out I was out of my effing mind.  Em was bouncy and all over the place, touching anything and everything.  It was super crowded.  We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Cost Plus World Market and those places are JAM packed with crap.  All the aisles are barely big enough for one shopping cart, so it’s really hard to get around.  We did manage to get a few things.  I got one complete gift, a few stocking stuffers, and one thing for the nephew.  We were then going to head to the mall, but I decided that instead I’d come back by myself during the week.

Today I plan on grocery shopping and wrapping presents for sure.  I hope to get the garlands up on the porch too.  I’ll probably head down to the mall tomorrow and hopefully finish up my shopping.

Dieting?  What’s that?  I’ve gained a few pounds.  I don’t have an official weigh in.  I forget in the mornings.  I’ve been eating all sorts of crap that I shouldn’t.  I’m not sure how to turn that around.  I really need to stick the exercising though…in less than 2 months, we’re going to Disney.  I really need to walk.  I should get us all started on after dinner walks.

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