Posted by: wildflowerz | December 1, 2010

Call me up. Take me down with you. When you go I could be your regular belle and I’ll dance for little Steven and Joanna. Round the back of my hotel oh yeah.

Went shopping yesterday.  I was SO FREAKING EXHAUSTED afterwards.  Might be a combo of that with my period, but there it was.  I went to the mall to primarily look for puppy dog earrings.  For some reason, Emily was really fixated on having some earrings with puppies on them.  So I made the sacrifice and went down to the mall.  Claire’s, of course.  The selection was actually not good!  They had some dangly ones that were a bit big for a 6yo.  They had these godawful ones with pictures of a real golden retreiver puppies on this pink background.  They were just awful.  I finally found a multipack of some animals that had a decent dog head on it.  I hope that works for her.  I got her two other sets also.  I also looked all around the mall for this particular brand of jeans that my dad likes.  Of course, I didn’t find them, so when I got home I ordered them online.  I, of course, went to the Disney Store.  I always have a hard time not buying everything there.  I ended up getting three little BFF tees with Jessie and Bullseye from Toy Story, so Em can give them to her two best friends.  I also got a Toy Story tee for Em’s cousin.  That, along with a Buzz and a Woody doll—oh, sorry:  Action Figure.  I also got two tees for Chris.  One’s Doofenshmirtz saying “Trust me, I’m a doctor.”  XD  After that, I went to Hobby Lobby.  Holy hell, why the heck is Hobby Lobby so packed on a Tuesday at 1pm?  I had to circle for a parking spot!  I got in and found the stuff I was looking for…almost.  I was planning on doing this thing with Em for her teacher for Cmas.  We were going to use used crayons and glue them onto a mat in a shadowbox in the shape of the first letter of Em’s teacher’s last name.  It was a cute thing I saw online.  So, I looked for a shadow box and even the SMALL ones were over $20 each.  So, we didn’t do that.  I did manage to find some big vases, river rocks, and tall fake grass stuff.  The vases were half off too, so score!

I also ordered a powder puff purse from one of Em’s friends moms.  They’re super cute and she’s putting their initial on it too.  So cute!  Here’s her FB page if you should want one.  They’re only $12 too.

Chris worked last night from 11am until who knows when, so he’s still in bed.  Oh, Em didn’t have her AIM test yesterday.  The test didn’t come in the mail evidently.  She was disappointed.  Hopefully she’ll start it today.  She did hit the 60 point mark in her AR testing, though.  She should get another point today.

I’ve gotten back addicted to WoW.  I made a new toon.  She’s already 30.  It’s a Draenei Priest named Amy Pond.  I giggle every time Amypond sends Rosetyler something in the mail.  Rose is my Enchanter, so I sent all my non-BoE drops to her to DE.  XD



  1. Those purses are totally cute!

    • I ordered zebra with turquoise for Em. 🙂 Also, her name is Michele AND she’s one of the “one L” ones. 🙂

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