Posted by: wildflowerz | December 6, 2010

Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen and keep your eyes wide the chance won’t come again.

Hi kids.  It’s COLD out there!  I LOVE it.  LOVE it.

Chris took Em to see Santa and then shopping on Saturday while I stayed home and dyed my hair.  If you’ll remember, a while ago I bought a blonde dye and realized that once I got home I saw that you weren’t supposed to use that particular one if your hair had been dyed a color other than blonde.  Hello, irritating.  So, about a month ago, I used an ash blonde that didn’t have such restrictions.  The result of that was to slightly lighten my hair so it was a lighter red.  Well, the result of this REALLY blonde dye that I did Saturday was to lighten it quite a bit further, but it’s still reddish.  When I say I like having red hair, I mean more of this:

And less like this:

There’s a WORLD of difference in those colors.  My hair now’s more like the second one…maybe slightly blonder, but still definitely with a lot of red in it.  So, yeah.

In the afternoon, we went to Borders to buy something to earn that $15 for our school.  Something was wrong with me ’cause I couldn’t find anything to buy.  At a book store.  I know, take my temperature.  We ended up with a gift card for a gift.  Turns out later, that promotion didn’t work right.  They gave you a “code” to take to their website to get the $15 applied to the school.  But when you get to the website, they have these “projects.”  You search by state and county, etc and there’s one thing for my county and it’s some teacher that wants a camera for her class or something.  There’s certainly not anything for our school.  It was really disappointing.  I emailed the school to see if they could get something up there before I apply this thing.

After Borders we went to Joann’s and then Hobby Lobby.  Em decided she wants to learn to cross stitch.  Joann’s had nothing in the way of beginner projects, so that’s why we went on to Hobby Lobby.  Both places were SEVERELY crowded.  Evidently those are the place to be.  We found 4 different projects for her to try.  The beginning one was using yarn, a giant plastic needle and this big plastic grid stuff with the pattern printed on it.  She’s working on that one now.  I think the yarn’s making it harder because it’s so fuzzy it’s hard to really see the individual Xs, so it’s harder to keep track.  She’s doing pretty well and liking it though, so it’s good.

After we got back, we put together this gingerbread village.  We’d gotten this kit last weekend at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  It was…challenging.  The icing was REALLY weird and felt old.  It didn’t spread well at ALL.  But we got it done.  I’m going to pick up some coconut to spread around as snow today at the grocery store.

I’m going to do a bit more shopping today and tomorrow.  I can’t get any of the promised gift ideas and emails have been ignored, so Fuck it.  I’m doing gift cards.  I’ve got 3 to buy at the grocery store this morning.  Tomorrow I think I’m going to Target and BJs for the very last of my gifts.

I’m also feeling a really light Christmas is regard to preparation and cooking and such.  Usually we have people over and I’ve got several meals to plan out, but this year it’s only my parents coming on Christmas Eve to Christmas day.  Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner is take-out pizza.  So, I’ve really just got a breakfast to plan for.  So not a big deal.  For Chris’s side of the family I’ve offered to bring something, but I haven’t heard back from his sister about what it should be.  For Christmas Day, I’m supposed to bring sweets for my dad’s family thing.  I’m doing Oreo Truffles and Chocolate Chip Cookies for sure.  Those are requests from Chris and Em, respectively.  I’m also going to try Buckeyes.  I might buy a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake from BJs.  I feel like I need something else non-cold.  I’m not sure what I’ll do.  I want something more finger food-like.  Maybe some more cookies.  I don’t know.

I’m having issues with breakfast.  I like the egg mug still, I’m just tired of making it.  This morning I haven’t had anything because I just don’t want to make it.  Sad and pathetic, huh?  I need some new ideas, but I’m not sure what to have.  Meh.

Also, I think I’m giving up on putting up the garlands and lights.  I just don’t care and Chris doesn’t seem to either.  I’m going to drag the boxes downstairs today.

Chris’s sister wants to do a weekend with Em to do girly stuff (she only has a boy and she’s a very girly girl) so she’s gonna take her on our anniversary weekend.  I tried to find something cool to do, but I’ve struck out with theatre, comedy, and music.  At this rate, we’ll probably just go out to eat somewhere or other.  Meh.



  1. Now I want to see a picture of YOUR ACTUAL HAIR! 🙂

    Sounds like a fun weekend with the Em-ster! I always want to do those kind of projects and we are just not there yet. Maybe in a few years when Boy is not so little!

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