Posted by: wildflowerz | December 13, 2010

You’re a rotter Mr. Grinch. You’re the king of sinful sots.

Hi kids.  Long time, no  update.  Regarding exercise and diet, they’re almost non-existent.  I haven’t been worried about much of anything.  Somehow, I’m back down those few pounds I gained around thanksgiving.  My goal is to get through the holidays with less than a pound or two change.  We’ll see how that goes.

It’s been extremely cold here.  It snowed most of the day yesterday and all this morning.  It’s so cold, though, that it comes down and just blows around all over the place, not sticking anywhere.  It’s great because it looks nice, but doesn’t effect my mobility.  I was pretty annoyed to go to the grocery store this morning and while the milk was in good supply, they were out of all the bread I usually get.  Oh well. 🙂

We didn’t do much this weekend.  Em had a birthday party yesterday at the local bounce house.  Right now, Em’s just home from school and we’re watching the cartoon Grinch movie and making muffins.  We’re an exciting bunch around here.

This is Em’s last week of school before the holidays.  I’m feeling of two minds about the holidays this year.  I’m VERY excited to give Em her gifts and to celebrate Christmas with her.  But me?  I’m feeling a bit down.  Facebook doesn’t help.  It’s a nonstop barrage of nonstop bitching most of the time.  I try and hide people, but sometimes you just can’t and it drives me mad.  I mean, I feel pretty bitchy right now, I don’t feel like that’s something I want to share on FB and bring everyone else on there down, ya know?  /shrug  Blah.

We’ve got Em’s Christmas party on Thursday and then her party after that.  For the holidays, we’ve got to head to Chattanooga on the Thursday before Christmas.  Friday, my parents are coming and we’ll celebrate here on Cmas morning before heading to my Grandmother’s house.  That’s really about it.  We don’t have any other real plans.

We ended up not doing Christmas cards this year.  I was going to do the picture ones, but once I remembered to do it, Em had hives, so I put it off and then it was just too late.  I think we did regular ones last year and I just didn’t end up feeling like it.  So, what I’ve noticed is that either everyone else does cards really late or they only send up one if we’ve sent them one.  We have 4.  2 are from family.  /shrug

Been playing too much WoW lately.  Morgainne (my favorite BElf Priest) is 85.  And I did it before Chris.  I’m trying to level Archaeology now, but omg is it boring.  Actually doing the finding isn’t bad.  But the flying all over the continent takes ages and there’s little payout.  I’ve gotten all useless grey shit from it so far except for a pet I got this morning.

I’ve been watching some good tv lately.  Been into the British stuff lately.  I finished up the third season of The IT Crowd and then the first season of Gavin & Stacey.  If you don’t watch a lot of British tv, that sounds more impressive than it is.  Usually, the season (er, series) is only 6 episodes long.  I was quite happy to see Russell Tovey there in Gavin & Stacey, even if it was just for a bit.  I might go back to The Vicar of Dibley next.  We’ll see.

Sorry for the blah entry.


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