Posted by: wildflowerz | December 19, 2010

And if the sword is among ya and its words may wound my soul. You can fill me up with what you’ve got cause my heart’s been keeping old.

Happy week until Christmas.  We spent all day yesterday watching That’s So Raven.  No, really.  Em’s obsessed.  Chris told her she couldn’t watch it at all today.  So, we’re watching Sonny with a Chance.  /sigh  I’ve noticed that That’s So Raven is the insane boy crazy one.  Well, love crazy.  One of the trio’s into a new girl or boy every single week.  I didn’t realize it had been around so long, though.  We were watching it yesterday and I noticed that the younger brother’s friend is a much younger older brother from Wizards of Waverly Place.

We have no real plans until Christmas.  I might take Em to see Harry Potter and Tangled again.  Fun, huh?  We’ve also got some candy and cookies to make.  We finally got all the gift stuff in from the mail.  I’m so excited to give it all to Em.  I can’t wait. XD

Did I mention that I dyed my hair back to dark red?  I did.  Did it Thursday.  Friday we went to Em’s school for…stuff.  First we had their Christmas play.  It was supposed to be in the cafeteria.  But since they had a “snow” day then, they had to put it all in the same day.  So, they had it in an empty classroom.   Except this was two classes worth of kids.  Which means two classes worth of parents, grandparents, etc.  It was PACKED.  They were too cute though.  After that, they were going to their Specials.  They were having an assembly that morning, but for the kids with parties at the same time were going to do that instead.  But instead of sending them back to their classroom, they sent them to the assembly.  So all the parents went to the cafeteria to watch the assembly too.  It was a music thing.  It was cute.  Afterwards we did the party.  It was mass chaos.  Most parents took their kids home with them, but Em’s BFF was staying, so Em decided to stay.

I’ve had some shit luck in reading books lately.  Has anyone gotten any good recommendations?  Preferably something my library or used book store has. XD


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