Posted by: wildflowerz | January 10, 2011

Now somebody, anybody, everybody scream: Ahhh! There are squirrels in my pants!

So, I should do an entry, yeah?  Here’s the news:  I suck.  Well, I suck at dieting stuff lately.  I have excuses…a few of them valid..most of them not.  At least I’m recognizing my failings and not trying to justify them, right?  I know entirely too many people who do that.

So, the valid one:  I think I wrote that Chris was sick and he couldn’t wear his sleep mask thingy because he was coughing too much?  Well, that first night he went to bed at around 7pm and I could hear him snoring from downstairs, so instead of trying to sleep in our room, I just slept in the guest bedroom.  Well since that night, my back has been KILLING me.  I could barely move for 3-4 days and have lived with those Icy Hot stick-ons on my back and downing Aleeve like candy.  It’s finally gotten better, though it’s still not even to the painful level I usually live with.  I should be trying some exercise now (basic walking stuff should be fine to do),  but I haven’t because I’m a slacker.

I’ve also sucked at food.  We ate at Zaxby’s, which is good for no one, no matter what you get.  We ate at Cheesecake Factory again too.  This time, none of the Weight Management Asian Salad for me, but the parm crusted chicken romano.  And cheesecake of course.  The restaurant choice was a bit of a foregone conclusion:  Em was supposed to be with Chris’s sister for the weekend to do girly stuff (she has a boy, so she wanted to do girly things with my girl for once), but she and her hubs both got strep, so we had a cancellation at the last minute.  Had we not, I probably would have wanted to do Seasons 52 (which is super yum and pretty healthy).  But since we had Em, we wanted to pick somewhere with stuff she’d like, so we just did Cheesecake Factory again.  It’s relatively close and there’s no need to dress up or stay out late.  So, yeah.  But overall, my food choices have just been crap.  I really need some big push to get me back on track, but I’m not sure what that would be.  I think my gain is up to 8lbs now.  At least it was the morning after the Cheesecake Factory.  We’re going to Disney next week and even though I know it’s stupid, I still feel like it’s not worth bothering with until after that.  But I feel a bit horrified.  A 5lb gain over the holidays I can live with, but now I’m up to 8 and it’s freaking me out.

I always feel better about starting something when I’m home alone.  I’m not sure why, but that’s just me.  And I’ve had Chris and Em home with me so much, it’s driving me batty.  First there was the long Christmas break.  Em at home and Chris was off most of that time too.  Then, last Monday Chris went back to work, but Em was still out.  The next day, Em went back to school, but Chris was home sick.  Wednesday and Thursday Em was at school and Chris went in, but it was later in the morning.  Then Friday Chris worked from home.  Now we’ve got a massive snow day.  No, really.  It snowed 5 1/2 inches according to a neighbor.

Speaking of snow, the fam wants to go play in it now, so I’ll cut this entry short.  Well, shorter than it was probably going to be anyway.

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