Posted by: wildflowerz | January 14, 2011

She needs to sort out her priorities.

It’s Day 5 here in the frozen tundra.  The natives are all restless.  Our escape from the confines of our igloo yesterday was short-lived and, though much appreciated, made it even harder to come back and settle in to another boring day.

We went out yesterday morning and did the grocery store.  The roads were a bit icy, but totally travelable (did I just make up a word?).  We ended up having lunch at home before we headed back out to Old Navy.  I wanted a zippered hoddie that was lighter than the one I normally wear for Disney.  I found a super awesome one.  It’s solid black with a tiny bit of dark pink accents.  It’s got built-in mp3 player headphones with the jack in the pocket and the headphones on the strings that come out of the hood.  They actually had swimsuits out and since we’d be at Disney with heated pools, Em tried on a super cute tankini and we got that.  Also 2 shirts for her that were on sale.  After that, we decided to head to Target and see if we could find anything.  We decided that since Em had a good report card, I’d get her something.  She picked out a big pack of crayola markers, a coloring book, and a roll of pictures to color.  We also ran into one of her bffs and her family.  They invited Em to come over and play today (which will be awesome for me to do packing and such).  She’s supposed to call at some point and tell me when to bring her over, so we’ll see.

Chris took Em out to Stevie B’s last night and I actually got loads of stuff done.  I got all Em’s stuff packed and all mine packed.  I packed up any of the miscellaneous stuff I could too.  Chris was a problem…I think he’s going to have to do that himself tonight.  I can possibly get it done while Em’s at her friend’s house.  Otherwise, it should be no problem to get it finished up tonight and pack up the car.

We’re on the third Harry Potter movie right now.  We watched the first two yesterday.  She’s also all caught up with all the new episodes of all those Disney shows that she watches.  Well, except for The Suite Life.  For some reason, the new ones of those aren’t on Netflix instant yet.  /shrug

I guess Em’s teacher doesn’t need me for Copy Mom today.  I didn’t figure she would.  I thought she’d either use what she was supposed to be doing this week or do it herself.  They made today a teacher work day and since they weren’t in this week, I can’t imagine she’d be TERRIBLY busy today.  I mean, I know teachers have a lot to do, but since they’ve been out and all…

For Em’s birthday party, we’ve got a good response.  Everyone answered but two people.  And one of those told me that her daughter was excited to come, so I guess she’s coming.  The other couple I didn’t figure were coming anyway, but they’re fam so we have to invite them.


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