Posted by: wildflowerz | January 24, 2011

Everybody look left. Everybody look right. Everywhere you look I’m standing in the spotlight.

Day 6 – Animal Kingdom

We had breakfast at the Pop and had the same things as the other day.  Then we took a bus to Animal Kingdom.  This day I wore shorts and was happy about that later.  I think the high was 80.  We’d heard that you should do Kilimanjaro Safaris early because it gets crowded and the animals are usually awake in the morning.  The line wasn’t long and this one was pretty good.  I got a lot of good picture.  Afterwards, we took the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.  There was a petting zoo and some info stuff.  Em got a new Webkinz…something called a Bushbaby.  It’s brown and has cute big eyes.  She named it Minnie.  We took the bus back and on our way out, we saw Terk from Tarzan and Flik from A Bug’s Life.  Em got pictures with both.

We wandered into Flights of Wonder and missed the first few moments, but this was entertaining.  Usually these types of shows are boring to me, but this one was good.  Next it was on to Expedition Everest.  Once again, Em declared it the best ride ever.  Later on, she said it was her favorite ride of the entire week.  After that, we headed into Finding Nemo – The Musical.  It was meh.  There’s a reason it wasn’t originally a musical.

After this, it was lunch time.  We were going to eat at Flame Tree BBQ, but they didn’t have anything Em wanted, so we went back to the dino area and went to Restaurantosaurus.  Em got a hamburger and just like when she got one in Morocco, she chewed one bite for 10 minutes and cried when we got mad at her.  It was painful.  Her meal came in a cute sand bucket with shovel.  It was cute, but odd since they harp on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle a LOT at this park.  Chris had some kind of vegetable sub.  I had a burger that was tasty.  My dessert was a cheesecake thing that was really yum once I scraped off the weird gooey stuff on top.

After lunch, we road Dinosaur.  It was pretty cool.  After that, it was the TriceraTop Spin.  This is the same as Aladdin and Pooh.  Next went went into The Boneyard to play.  Next we did It’s Tough to be a Bug in the Tree of Life.  It was cute.  Especially the bug that crawls at the end.  We were going to see Festival of the Lion King, but it was 30 minutes until it started and we didn’t want to wait, so we headed out and saw Pocahontas, so Em got her pic with her.  We went back to hotel to rest for 30 min then to Epcot for Chefs de France.

At Chefs de France Em had cheese pastry that she didn’t like, chicken fingers (that she did) on pasta with sauce (that she didn’t try) and chocolate ice cream for dessert.  I had French onion soup for app, Chris had a salad.  We both had short ribs that were okay, but nothing special on pasta which was weird.  He had crème brulee for dessert that was meh.  I had a chocolate mouse cake with vanilla ice cream that was good.  Remy from Ratatouille came out on a platter with grapes and cheese with a guy that worked there.  It was pretty cute and Em loved it.

After dinner, we did Test Track for a quick ride before we took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom for Wishes.  When we got to MK and it was PACKED.  We found a place to stand just before they started this cool light/slide show thing on the castle.  At the end, there were a few puny fireworks and the lights came back on.  So, I thought Wishes was a fireworks display, but I wasn’t sure, so I thought that part was pretty lame.  We started trying to move to the front when they came over the loudspeaker and said Wishes would start soon.  Good thing it did ‘cause the actual Wishes fireworks started soon.  Not sure what the picture thing was then or why there was a break.  It was really cool, especially the part where Tink rode in from the castle!  Afterwards we had a LONG wait for bus and standing bus ride back.  Em was super whiny.

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