Posted by: wildflowerz | January 24, 2011

No one hits like Gaston, matches wits like Gaston. In a spitting match nobody spits like Gaston. I’m especially good at expectorating. Ptooey! Ten points for Gaston!

Day 2 – Epcot
We all woke up at 5:45 before the wake up call.  Em answered and it was Stitch telling her to get up.  We were all dressed and ready to go to a 7:55am Ohana breakfast at the Polynesian with Lilo and Stitch (and Mickey and Pluto) and it was only 6:30am.  To get to the Polynesian, we had to take the bus to the Magic Kingdom and then the monorail to the hotel.  We got there JUST before our reservation time and were seated within 5 minutes.  They took a picture before that was very nice and we, of course, ordered.  They had a yummy guava fruit juice with breakfast.  They brought out a big platter with scrambled eggs, sausage links, bacon, and potatoes on it, as well as a basket of sweet breads.  And later they brought around Mickey waffles.  It was all yum except for the bacon.  Em did the parade and marched in front of Stitch.  We got her pic with all but Lilo…she never came to our area.  After breakfast, we headed to Epcot on the monorail.

Spaceship Earth was first for us.  There was no wait and Em really liked the future thing in the end.  Next we wandered into Innoventions East.  We kinda rushed through it because Em wasn’t in the mood to learn anything at all.  We headed over to Test Track then.  There was not much of a wait and Em LOVED it.  She declared it the best ride ever.  Of course, she’ll make this declaration several times over the next few days!  We then did Mission:  Space.  The wait was about 20 minutes, but not too bad.  Em liked it well enough.

Around this time, it was time for lunch.  I’d heard good things about the Tangerine Café in Morocco and we loved the dinner we had in Morocco ages ago, so we thought we’d try it.  This proved to be a bad idea all around.  Em got a hambuger and fries and HATED it.  She sat for 10 minutes with one bite in her mouth, refusing to swallow.  Chris and I were pissed and irritated and she was crying in the end.  It wasn’t fun.  Chris got a lamb platter and I got a chicken one.  My chicken was weird.  It had a nice couscous with it, but it was cold and not appetizing that way.  It also came with bread and hummus which was okay.  We sat outside and that was nice, but I wouldn’t recommend this place at all.

After we looked through Morocco and Em started the Kidcot stuff, which was NOT what I expected at all.  I thought there was a different activity in each Kidcot station, but it was the same in every one.  I think they used to give you a passport to get stamped in every country too, but I think you had to buy it now.  So, they stamped the fan instead.  Yeah.

We wandered over to France and met Belle out front and Em had her picture with her.  We turned around and saw Aurora and Em then had her picture with her and had a nice long conversation about cakes.  We tried to see Marie (from Aristocats, I think), but she went in before we could do anything.  Em got her fan stamped while we were there.

The United Kingdom was next.  I have to say I was disappointed.  I’m a big fan of all things UK.  I really wanted some kind of UK tee.  They had tons of football (soccer) jerseys from teams and it would have been cool to have one, but they were $80 each.  The only tees they had were either from the Rose & Crown (the restaurant there), Guinness, or bands.  They did have some cute women’s ones, but they were cut REALLY small.  As I’m not cut small at all, I couldn’t wear them.  Very disappointing.  Em went to see Tigger & Pooh and had her picture with them.  She also got her fan stamped at the Kidcot station.

Canada was next.  Em got her Kidcot sign stamped and we went to see O Canada.  Honestly, our feet were tired and we thought we’d be sitting down, watching a movie, so we wandered in.  Foiled with that when we went in and you had to stand up during the entire thing.  Still it was kinda cute.  It had Martin Short narrating.  After that, we headed back into Future World and went to see Captain EO.  Wow.  Honey, I Shrunk the Audience was way better.  This was godawful.  We went to ride Soarin’ next, but the wait was 90 minutes.  We were standing around, trying to figure out what to do instead when a family came up and offered us their Fast Passes, so we did it anyway.  It was neat, but I don’t get why it’s such a popular one.

After we headed over to The Seas with Nemo & Friends.  First we had an ice cream break.  Then we headed in.  This one was okay, but it was really short.  There was no wait though, so that was good.  We then went into Turtle Talk with Crush.  Em got to be the second one Crush talked to and when she explained to him that a car was “a vehicle that moves on land,” she earned several “wow”s from most of the parents in the audience.  Then Crush talked to Chris.  It was really cute!

We then headed back to the World Showcase.  Em got her fan stamped at Mexico and we looked around a bit.  It was really dark and crowded.  We then headed over to Norway and Em got her fan stamped and we took some pictures with the big trolls.

It was time for dinner, so we headed to the UK for our reservation at the Rose & Crown.  It was SO good.  We had a REALLY slow, but adorkable waiter with a nice accent.  I had steak with some yummy veg.  Chris had a surf & turf.  Em had pizza.  Chris had a sticky pudding for dessert.  I had a Chocolate Scotch cake.  Our waiter had the entire staff sign a birthday card for her and they all put where they were from underneath it.

Afterwards we went back to the room via the bus.  I went into the pool with Em because I’d lost my mind.  It was freezing.  This night, I slept in one bed and Em slept with Chris in the other.  It was much better.  I still didn’t sleep great, but it was much better than the previous night, so this is what we did the rest of the trip.


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