Posted by: wildflowerz | January 24, 2011

Watch all the flowers dance with the wind. Listen to snowflakes whisper your name. Feel all the wonder lifting your dreams. You can fly.

Day 3 – Magic Kingdom

We got up at 7am and had breakfast in the room.  We then headed over to the Magic Kingdom.  We got there just as the characters rode in on the train to open the park.  We went inside the gates and it started to rain.  We bought ponchos at the first park we could find.  Chris and Em wore them all day and I used the umbrella.  We’d brought a giant Ziploc and we stored them in there when we came inside for anything.

First we eaded to Tomorrowland.  We did Stitch’s Great Escape first.  Em loved it.  When Chris and I went before, it was Alien Encounter.  Afterwards we did Space Mountain.  Em declared it, to anyone that would listen, that it was the best ride ever.  We then headed into Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.  That was fun.  I think Chris won.  We went to the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor next.  The monster picked Em out of the audience to talk to!  After that, we headed into Fantasyland and Em did the Mad Tea Party with just Chris.  It didn’t go well with Chris’s stomach.  We headed into Mickey’s Toontown Fair and looked in Minnie’s Country House.  We went to the Toontown Hall of Fame and stood in line for ages to see Tink, Vidia, and Rosetta.  Em had long conversations with them all.  It was very cute.

After, it was about time for lunch.  My list of recommendations said Cosmic Ray’s wasn’t bad.  Em and I got food at the chicken counter while Chris went off for a burger.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich and Em had chicken nuggets.  They sang Happy Birthday to Em at the counter.  After lunch, we headed back into Mickey’s Toontown Fair and saw Mickey’s Country House.  We then went back to the Toontown Hall of Fame to see Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Belle (in the ball gown).  Afterwards, we got Em a cute Rapunzel doll that came with two alternate dresses and a charm bracelet with 3 charms.  We had the doll delivered to the hotel.  Here’s what I don’t get:  Most of the stuff at Disney is WAY overpriced.  But some stuff’s reasonable.  The Tangled Doll and the outfits were only $20.  Oh well.

We then took the train to Frontierland and road Big Thunder Mountain.  This was one of Em and Chris’s favorites and caused Em to once again declare this as the best ride ever.  Splash Mountain was closed, so we headed over and did Pirates of the Carribean.  This was my first time on it since it was closed during our first visit.  It was cute.  The Jack Sparrow characters looked pretty much like Johnny Depp, but all the other characters looked pretty fake.  I did find a cute purple Tink tee in the shop at the end.  After that, we headed to the Jungle Cruise.  It was alright, but very punny.  We then road the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  It was okay, but its just like Dumbo.  Em got her picture with Jasmine and Aladdin outside though.  We went into the Country Bear Jamboree and it was still just as awful as I remembered it.  At least we got to sit down though.

After this it was time for the Disney Dreams Come True Parade.  We had an excellent spot right between Liberty Square and Frontier land.  Almost every character in the parade made a point of waving at Em and saying Happy Birthday.  It was really cool.  She even had a wicket stepsister walk over and talk to her!

Next it was time or the Haunted Mansion.  I told Em about how the ghosts would appear in our car, but she was still scared with this one.  This is the only one she didn’t really like and didn’t want to go on again.  We went over to It’s a Small World and had fun deciding who represented what country.  I then rode Cinderella’s Golden Carousel with Em.  Afterwards she tried to pull the sword out of the stone.  We did Snow White’s Scary Adventure next and it was alright.  Then Em did Dumbo the Flying Elephant with just Chris.

We then headed to Epcot via Monorail and it took ages to walk to Japan for dinner at Tepan Edo.  All disappointed in no fried rice, but other than that, the food was good.  Chris and I had steak and chicken, Em had chicken.  The chef did a giant volcano.  Em got a cook’s hat and got the song/clapping.  After we looked in Japan and started in Italy.  It had started fogging up a LOT, so we decided to come back and try the fireworks another night.


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