Posted by: wildflowerz | January 24, 2011

Yes, I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem. But if I know you, I know what you’ll do. You’ll love me at once the way you did once upon a dream.

Day 7 – Magic Kingdom & Downtown Disney

This was Em’s actual birthday, so except for breakfast and dinner, that were already planned, it was her choice.  When we got up, it was already raining.  It was not pleasant. We took a bus to Epcot for our breakfast with the princesses at Akershus.  We got there around 7:25 for our 8am reservation.  You’re supposed to check in 15 minutes early for your dining and it’s taken us about 30 minutes each night to walk from the front of Epcot to the country we were going to.  Of course, there were lots of people those times and no one on Friday.  But we were annoyed that they wouldn’t let us right in.  They said 7:30am and it should only take 10 minutes to walk there.  They didn’t let us in until 7:45am.  I tried to rush, but it didn’t work.  We finally got there right at 8am.  Em had her picture with Belle and you got a big and two small copies of it for free!  We signed in and in a few minutes, we were in.  It was really yum.  They did bacon, eggs, hash brown casserole, and sausage that they brought to your table, along with drinks.  They also had a cold buffet with some weird Norwegian things, along with yogurt, bagels, fruit, cinnamon roles, lingonberry muffins, danishes, etc.  Very yum.  After about 30 minutes, the princesses started coming out.  First was Aurora, then Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel.  Later they did a Princess Processional where the kids all paraded around the restaurant with the princesses.  It was too cute.  The waitress also brought Em a birthday card signed by all the princesses.  The rain had stopped once we finished up breakfast, so that was good.

After breakfast, we took the monorail to Magic Kingdom.  First thing, Em wanted to do Space Mountain again.  Next was Tomorrowland Speedway for Chris and Em.  Luckily.  I went to sit down to wait on them and noticed that our sunblock had leaked everywhere.  It was the spray kind and I think it had gotten unlocked and the bar in Space Mountain made it spray the entire time.  Not fun cleaning all that up.  I had to ditch my poncho and throw away a lot of other stuff.  Luckily, it didn’t get anything important too bad, but it did smear part of Em’s bday card.

Next we hit The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  We’d missed this one the first time we came.  I think the line was too long.  Anyway, this was a dud to me.  It was like an acid trip where nothing made sense.  It also was SO loud in there (which might be why it didn’t make sense…I couldn’t understand what they were saying.  Next we did Mickey’s Philharmagic.  This was too cute and I loved it a lot.  I liked hearing all my favorite songs from the movies I love.

It was about time or lunch then.  Em got to pick lunch, so we looked for something close that had pizza and The Pinnochio Village Haus was right there.  Em, of course, got pizza.  Chris did too.  I got chicken nuggets.  The cheesecake dessert here was yummy.  They did some kind of thing to do with the blue fairy, but you couldn’t hear what they were talking about and we were right there in the room, so that was odd.  Also, why’s this called a “haus”?  Isn’t that German?  I thought Pinnochio was Italian?  Of course, I don’t know any Italian, so maybe it’s also in that language too?

Em wanted to go back to Toontown after lunch, so we headed there and had a 15 or so minute wait to do Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm.  We then went to Donald’s Boat.  Evidently this is a wet thing with fountains and stuff, but they weren’t on, so yeah.

We then headed over to do Splash Mountain because we missed it before, but evidently it’s closed for a while because we noticed it was drained and they were doing repairs.  Em wasn’t too upset.  She wanted to do Big Thunder Mountain again anyway, so we did.  Once again, she came out telling anyone who would listen that it was the best ride ever. 🙂  We were tired after this so we took the Walt Disney World Railroad to the front of the park and head back to the room for a bit.

For dinner, we took the bus to Epcot.  When we went to leave, we saw that the rain was back.  We JUST made it to the bus before it left, but we had to stand, so that wasn’t fun.  We got there a bit early, so we went into Innoventions to look at stuff.  Mostly it was kinda lame, but we killed a bit of time.

Our reservation was at 4:30 at Le Cellier because it’s all our travel agenct could get since it was so popular.  This was the dinner on Em’s actual birthday, so this one I made a point of telling her to let them know so they could do something cool.  Evidently they didn’t get the memo.  Our waiter didn’t even give us all the Canadian lore and stuff that we heard the waiter at the next table over give them.  Still, he was nice.  Em got a lemonade that came in a cute Tink cup with a light up Tinkerbell.  Chris had the NY strip.  I had the filet with some really salty but really yummy risotto.  Em had grilled chicken (shocker!  She actually liked it) with fries.  She had the regular ice cream sundae for dessert from the menu.  They didn’t even do anything special like other places did.  I got the Chocolate Mousse, which was okay, but Chris liked it better than I did.  He got the S’Mores, which I thought were YUM.  We ended up trading.

After dinner, we took the bus back to the hotel.  There was no bus from Epcot to Downtown Disney and we were kinda cold, so we went back to the hotel and I changed into jeans and put on a jacket and Em got her jacket.  Then we headed to Downtown Disney.  First we headed into Disney’s Days of Christmas.  I was looking to replace our stockings after Christmas, but I’ve been unable to find anything cool.  Most of the Disney ones are REALLY obnoxiously character-ized.  No thanks.  They did have one cool Moroccon-like one, but they only had one style.  So, not so much.

We went into Once Upon a Toy next.  They had a really cool set of 4 puzzles of the Disney-fied Star Wars stuff, but Em didn’t want them.  We went into TrenD to see if we could find some of the tween stuff (Hannah Montana, Wizards, Sonny, etc).  No luck.  Next it was the giant World of Disney.  We wanted something for me and a shirt for Em.  Found a cute pink Minnie shirt for Em, but I had trouble.  I really like the geeky/nerdy Disney stuff they’ve got.  They had one shirt in women’s but they didn’t make it big enough.  I found a few things like that.  The men’s/unisex stuff just isn’t as cute.  I finally settled on a cool black tee with pink lightning that makes a Mickey head.  Chris pissed me off with the comment, “I like that one if it gets us out of here faster.”  He’s not fun to shop with.  At all.  We left there and went in search of the Build-A-Bear Dinos.  We’d seen some people walking around with them and finally found it in T-Rex.  This was a restaurant, but they had the Build-A-Bear Dinos inside.  Em got a blue one and named her Daisy.  Then, Em wanted chocolate ice cream.  I thought there was an ice cream place when we came in, so when we saw that Ghiradelli had an insane line we tried to go to that one, but I mis-rememberd.  So we got ice cream Mickey’s at Goofy Candy Company.  After that we headed back to the hotel.


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