Posted by: wildflowerz | February 11, 2011

But the years went by and the rock just died. Suzie went and left us for some foreign guy. Long nights crying by the record machine, dreaming of my Chevy and my old blue jeans.

Remember how I was talking about Em and the spelling words?  Well her teacher said that she’d give her the test on the 2nd list and if it didn’t go well, she’d give her the test for the 1st list.  Thursday, she came home and we went over all 20 words and she missed 5 of them.  With just a little going over them, she got all of them correct.  We tried it later in the day and she got all of them right again!  Not sure what happened, but yay!  She only took the test on the harder list today, so I think she did pretty well on it.  I’ll wait until we get it back on Monday to celebrate, but I’m so proud of her for working through something that was really tough for her and studying and finally getting it right.

I was copy mom today and went this morning instead of this afternoon.  While I was there, I noticed on the first grade hall that there’s at least one other first grader who has already gotten to 100 AR points.  When I broke it to Em this afternoon, she said, “Yeah, I know.”  She wasn’t too upset.  She’s happy that she’s almost to her goal.  She’s at just over 91 points after today.  That’s my girl!

She had a play date this afternoon that went SO well.  It’s so nice that she has friends who don’t cause drama the entire time they’re here.  They played so nicely and had such a great time!  The little girl is from Em’s class and her family lives in our neighborhood.

Nothing much really going on this weekend.  Maybe we’ll think of something, but who knows.  I need to look into some stuff to do for her Winter Break too.  My mom mentioned doing something with her, but she’s not contacted me.  Chris’s older sis mentioned doing something the weekend at the end of Em’s winter break.  We’ll see, I guess.


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