Posted by: wildflowerz | February 15, 2011

Yeah i’m sorry, I can’t afford a ferrari, but that don’t mean i can’t get you there. I guess he’s an xbox and I’m more atari, but the way you play your game ain’t fair.

Hi kids.  Em got her spelling test from Friday back yesterday.  100!  That’s my awesome girl!  This week she’s back on the easy list, though I’m not sure how.  She said she missed 3 on the pretest, but when we did them at home, she only missed 1, but after I helped her with it, she’s been spelling it right every time after that.  Oh well, she’ll just have an easy week, I guess. 🙂

My mom called yesterday and they’re going to come up on Saturday and take Em home with them until Wednesday or so.  Suddenly  I’m without my girl next week!  Hrm.  I bet there are no good movies out.  That’s what usually happens when Em goes to my parents.  I wonder what I’ll do…probably nada.  I’m nothing if not predictable.  In theory, Em may be going up that next weekend to Chris’s sister’s house, but I don’t know.  She mentioned it a week ago, but neglected to follow up, so yeah.  That.

Valentine’s Day is over.  Blah.  I’m married and I’m not into the holiday.  It’s just stupid imho.  We don’t celebrate it a lot.  We used to do fancy dinners before Em, but mostly I just could care less.  We decided that we’d go out to dinner at some point this week.  Not yesterday because, hello, crowded much?  So, last night, I made breakfast for dinner ’cause Em loves it.  Chris brought me flowers and a little cake for Em and the rest of us to share.  He just doesn’t know his daughter.  She wanted the flowers.  Oh well.

The exercise plan hasn’t gone well.  It’s all my own laziness, though.  I did copy mom on Friday and I had to hang up the kid’s book reports.  So, it meant bending and squatting a lot.  I’m SO incredibly out of shape, that I was sore ALL weekend because of it.  No, really.  So, I’m watching Skins right now, but I plan on going out and walk after this one’s over.


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