Posted by: wildflowerz | February 17, 2011

Are you shopping anywhere, change the color of your hair and are you busy? Did you have to pay that fine, that you were dodging all the time. Are you still dizzy.

Three days in a row!  Yay me!  Today it’s a bit foggy and misty-wet outside, so I decided I’d try out the Gold’s Gym Cardio workout I got for Christmas.  I started it out and despite the fact that it uses the Wii Balance Board, you enter your weight manually.  Okay, whatever.  So, the first thing it does is start you on a boxing tutorial.  That was pretty cool.  After that, you go right into this boxing area with about 10 different types of exercises.  About half of them are already open and the rest you’ve got to unlock.  So, I do the first one and it’s a boxing thing that’s pretty cool.  The next one is dodging punches, which is a mixture of REALLY too easy and me not getting JUST the right position to duck the hooks.  So, I go on to the next one and it’s pushups…which I do NOT have the upper body strength to lift this weight.  The next one’s situps.  The other few are also floor exercises.  I didn’t see that you could get to any other areas for different things, so it seems like there’s maybe only 10 exercises?  Really?  Also, last time I checked, all those floor exercises aren’t cardio.  So, in a word:  LAME.  I ended up getting out the Just Dance 2 that Em got for Christmas and did a bunch of the dances.  I had a lot of fun doing that.  So, I did about 40 minutes or so total.  Tomorrow I plan on walking.  I hope to check out the EA Sports Active More Workouts next week some time.  I’m open to any suggestions on games for exercise.  I think we’re going to get the Kinect when we get our tax refund, so I’ll have a wider selection to choose from then.

For the rest of my goals yesterday, I had all the water and I only had one caffeinated drink.  I sucked at avoiding the other food ones, though.  That’s okay, I’ll do better today and tomorrow.  I made a super easy roast last night for dinner with some parmesan potatoes that had entirely too much butter on them so, consequently, they were yummy.  I did an Asian Chicken salad for lunch yesterday.  That’s not too bad except the dressing.  I think I’ll check out the light Asian dressings at the grocery store on Monday and maybe find something not quite so calorie-laden.  I also will pick up more veg to go on the salad.  Probably carrots and edamame, but we’ll see what’s available.  I plan on going back to the egg mug things for breakfast.  We’ll see.


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