Posted by: wildflowerz | February 18, 2011

Let’s get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster. So testosterone boys and harlequin girls, will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close?

Walk Time:  31:25.7
Route:  Down, Up, Right, Back, Barbell, Up

  • Everything Zen – Bush
  • Halo/Walking on Sunshine – Glee Cast
  • Bottle of Smoke – The Pogues
  • The Clap – Infant Sorrow
  • Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off – Panic! At the Disco
  • The Dope Show – Marilyn Manson
  • 3 A. M. Eternal – The KLF
  • Fight for Your Right – Beastie Boys
  • Kitty – Presidents of the United States of America
  • Hip Hop Hooray – Naughty by Nature

Woot.  4 days in a row.  Today feels like even more of a victory ’cause I started the walk with a headache.  Now, it’s worse.  😦  Not fun, but yeah.  I did well with the water and the caffeine again yesterday.  Not so much with the food again.  But today’s a new day.  It’s also the official start to my new plan.  I started off the day with my old usual, the egg mug and some pb toast.  So, yay.  Usually I go out to lunch with Chris on Fridays and it’s almost always Chinese.  I don’t usually do too badly there, though.  Our Chinese place has brown rice, so I get that.  I never eat the egg roll or the crab rangoon.  For soup, I like Egg Drop.  For my main thing, I normally get pepper steak.  Maybe I’ll opt for something chicken today.  But I almost never get anything fried.

I also did my official weigh in this morning.  It’s not pretty.  I’m 13.2 higher than my lowest on 10/25.  Is it a coincidence that that’s right before Halloween?  No, not so much.  On the plus side, I’m still down 14.4 from when I started on 4/12 and 19.4 down from my highest at the beginning of last year.  So, it’s pretty lousy for over a year’s time, but there’s nowhere to go but down, yeah?

So, on day one, I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.  I know that positive thinking helps a lot for this kind of thing, but I have to be totally honest and optimism isn’t my strong suit.  So, in all honesty, I feel pretty good about the exercise.  The water I don’t feel too badly about.  The caffeine I don’t feel quite as good about.  I’ve done well so far, but I tend to wimp out at the slightly sign of a headache, so that doesn’t bode well.  The food, as always, is what bothers me the most.  I know that once I stop the sugar, it won’t be as hard to stay away from it.  It’s just that I get bored with food.  And when food’s boring (either repetitive or bland) it’s hard to make myself eat it, even though I’m hungry.  And that’s generally how food tastes to me that’s light.  I’m not a great cook, so it’s hard to be very inventive.  I’m always looking for new stuff to try, but generally it either fails miserably or it’s terribly bland.  So, there’s that.

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