Posted by: wildflowerz | February 19, 2011

I’ll be the one to show you the way. You’ll be the one to always complain. Three in the morning come-a bang bang bang. All out of fags and I just can’t wait.

Hi folks. 🙂  No exercise for me today.  I hope to get in an outside walk tomorrow morning though.  Yesterday went okay with water. I  had an extra caffeinated drink, but that combined with some Aleeve got rid of my headache, so I don’t feel bad about it at all.  I had to stop by the grocery store to pick up some more cold meds for Em and guess what’s out?  Easter candy.  That means my favorite candy ever:  the Cadbury Egg.  /sigh  Damn you Cadbury!  /shakes fist  I got two.  And then I ate them.  Fortunately, that was my only real fail yesterday.  I did Chicken & Broccoli with brown rice and egg drop soup at the Chinese place.  We do Wendy’s for dinner on Friday nights and I got my old stand-by there:  Grilled Chicken sandwich with a small chili.  This is a change from the Asiago Chicken with fries AND a Frosty that I’ve been getting.  So, yay me.  I think that overall, I did okay.  I can see that these Eggs are gonna be TOUGH.

My parents are coming to get Em today.  I was trying to find something for Chris and I to do tomorrow, but I ended up finding a bunch of things for us to do with Em!  We want to take her to the High some time soon and hopefully do season passes.  I have to admit that it’s been AGES since I’ve been to the High.  There’s a Toulouse-Lautrec and Friends exhibit now that should be cool.  I also found that there’s a Superheroes exhibit at the William Breman Jewish & Holocaust Museum that’s sponsored by Cartoon Network and that sounds really fun.  I didn’t realize we had a Jewish & Holocaust museum here and I have no idea what that’s got to do with superheroes, but whatever.  🙂  Then, I also found that Fernbank is doing a Mythic Creatures exhibit.  It’s about the origins of the dragon, unicorn, and mermaid myths.  That sounds really cool too.  So, not so much with finding stuff for Chris and I to do, but lots of ideas for places to take Em.  I looked at roller derby too, but there’s nothing until NEXT weekend.  I wonder if that would be cool to take Em to?  I’ve never been, but my gut tells me no, but who knows?  Anyone been?  I also looked into movies and other than the ones I’ve seen, nothing’s got good reviews.  Nothing.  I’m talking some of them are in single digit %s at Rotten Tomatoes!  Wow.  So, Em’s going to be gone for a few days and we have nothing to do.

Oh, we heard back from soccer.  Em’s going to be on the same team with the same coaches.  That’s very good news because the coaches are SUPER nice.  Their daughter’s on the team too and she’s a very sweet girl.  4 or 5 of the girls from last season are back on the team too and they were all pretty nice.  Plus there’s some new girls, so that’s cool.  First practice is the Monday she goes back to school and the first game is that Saturday!  Whoa!

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