Posted by: wildflowerz | February 25, 2011

Ulysses Simpson Grant, who would scream and rave and rant. While drinking whiskey, although risky, cause he’d spill it on his pants.

Emily seems to have turned into quite the social girl.  She had her first sleepover ever last night and one of her BFF’s houses.  They live in our neighborhood and I drove her over around 5pm last night.  I hear they were up until 10:30 or so giggling!  She came back this morning and the two girls didn’t have nearly enough of each other, so the other little girl’s coming back this afternoon after lunch for a play date here.  They’re so cute.  Saturday, Chris’s older sister and her son are coming down and we’re going to go to Fernbank to see the Mythic Creatures exhibit.  Monday Em starts soccer practice again.  Wednesday, she’s got another friend in the neighborhood coming home with her for a play date.  Then Thursday, the same girl from last night is coming for another play date.  Then, the next Saturday is her first soccer game of the new season!

I got Em the first Spiderwick Chronicles book when I went to the used book store this past week and she loved it.  So, we might go back on Sunday and get her the rest of them.  It’s written by 2 people and one of the writers is the one who wrote The Secret of WondLa that we’re reading for bedtime right now.  I’m enjoying that one myself.  I’m currently reading Bujold’s Paladin of Souls and LOVING it.  I read the first one in that series a while ago and liked it well enough, but I’m loving this one.  I’ve got the third one too, as well as the first of her SF series to look forward to.

Yeah, that dieting stuff?  You may have surmised that since I’m not talking about it, I’m not doing well.  You’d be correct.  I suck.  It’s an excuse, though I fully recognize that it’s a lame one, but I do much better with a routine.  This past week Em was out of school, so my routine was screwed up.  I know, I still could have gone along and plugged through, but I didn’t.  So, maybe this week will be better.  I REALLY want to get back on an exercise schedule.  I haven’t been sleeping very well lately and I think that’s mostly to blame.  I sleep much better when I get regular exercise.  I got the Walk It Out Wii game back from my mom, so I think I’ll start that over again too.  It’s SUPER easy and not all that sweat-inducing, but it does get me moving, so that will be a good thing to start with.  I think I’ll aim for 30 minutes of that a day to start and then add other things.  We’ll see, I guess.  I’m not feeling terribly positive.  Does it show? 😛

I think I’m going to head to Torrid to buy a bathing suit some time this week.  I LOVED my suit from there last year, but it’s quite a bit worn, especially the top for some reason.  I’d hoped to wait until I lose some weight and/or closer to summer to be sure, but they’re out now and if you wait for summer, the selection’s usually shit.  So I think I’ll go ahead and go now.  I hope to get the same style top.  It’s a halter that ties behind the neck.  It’s perfect because it covers that front fat near your arm pits and pulls your boobs up too.  The bottom was a skirted thing…not too long, but long enough.  The bottom’s still fine, but I’ll probably get another one.  I had an alternate top from last summer that I didn’t wear too much that I can probably wear more this summer with the old bottom.


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