Posted by: wildflowerz | February 26, 2011

You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time.

Well, that was something.  We were supposed to do Fernbank today with Em’s cousin and aunt, but the cousin got sick again last night, so that was cancelled.  I think this is the third time it’s happened, poor things!  They just can’t stay healthy.  So, we decided we’d take today and look at dogs.  We went by the PetSmart near us because they were supposed to have pets there for adoption today, but they didn’t for some reason.  So, we went down to the PetLand near the mall just to look and of course they were all adorable.  They had the cutest chocolate colored cocker spaniel that I just LOVED.  We had some lunch and then went down to the Atlanta Humane Society.  We didn’t find a whole lot.  We’re looking for a small to medium dog, but I’m not sure our concept of what’s medium and what’s large is the same.  I’d consider most Goldens and Labs to be pretty big, but evidently nothing short of a full Rott or Great Dane is what they describe as large.  So, they didn’t have a lot in the way of the smaller dogs.  So, we headed back and went to the Cobb County Animal Shelter to check those dogs out.  We found a cute, soft spaniel in a bunch of colors, but when we took it out to play with it, it didn’t seem to want to have anything to do with us.  We went in this run and the dog spent the entire time pooping every 5 minutes and pretending to pee on the fence.  It wouldn’t pay any attention to us and wouldn’t even look at the ball we tried to throw for it.  So, we left.  Cobb had a hella lot of pit bulls.  We then went on to the Cherokee County Animal Shelter.  They had a whole lot of nothing there too.  I didn’t know where the Cherokee County Humane Society was, so when we came home, I looked and can’t figure it out.  So I sent them an email.  The only addy I could find on their page was for their Thrift Store.  So, if anyone knows of any good rescues, animal shelters, or humane societies around here, let us know.  Or if you know anyone with a dog they’re trying to place, feel free to send us the info.  Em’s ideal dog would be a small, white, fluffy dog.  My ideal would be one of the ones that have hair instead of fur (Shih Tzu and Lhasas, but I’m not sure what else), but overall, I think we’re thinking about 40lbs or less and soft/pettable.  Friendly and good with kids.  Already hosebroken would be fab too.  So, there ya go.


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