Posted by: wildflowerz | February 28, 2011


As you can see from the picture to the right, we got a dog.  It turns out that our county’s Humane Society doesn’t have a place where you can go and look at the dogs they have for adoption.  They foster them all out and then bring them for adoption days at local PetSmarts.  So we found that they were doing one at the PS near the mall, so we thought we’d nip by there, take a look, and then have some lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill.  We never made it to Ted’s.  Emily fell in love with this little cutie.  His name is Tyler and he’s a poodle.  No idea what kind or if he’s pure-blood or whatever, but it’s not like we really cared anyway.  He came with the name Tyler and Em didn’t have any better ideas and liked it well enough, so we kept it.  He’s about 12 lbs and 22 months old.  He’s just been fixed, so he’s still humping just a bit when he gets excited from playing around.  It’s becoming apparent that he’d make a good alarm system for intruders.  You know, those “intruders” that make sounds when the house settles?

It was quite tough sleeping last night too.  We started off with putting him to sleep in Em’s room when she went to bed.  That lasted about an hour and Em went to sleep.  Then he started barking.  We figured he probably could hear the tv from downstairs, so we put him down with us until we both went to bed.  Then we put him back in Em’s room.  A few seconds later, he’s barking.  So Chris brings him to our room.  He evidently wanted to play because he kept jumping frantically at our bed.  Our bed’s tall, so he couldn’t get up on it.  The foster lady said that he slept on her bed, so Chris brought him up on our bed.  He paced up and down the bed and then he started jumping on us and OW!  So, Chris put him in the kennel down in the living room.  That lasted 5 minutes before he started barking loudly and a lot.  Then, we could hear him barking and Em crying loudly.  Chris ended up going to the guest bedroom with the dog and he said he konked out and the dog slept next to him all night after that.  Gah!

So, overall he seems to be a great dog, we just need to work out the bed time stuff.  He’s very soft and fluffy and his hair’s mostly a kind of dark brown/grey.  He prances when he walks and it’s too cute.  We spent a ton buying stuff at the PetSmart.  Em’s so excited!



  1. So AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to meet him! 🙂 Are nights getting any better?

  2. Kind of. Chris slept with him in the spare bedroom last night. We can’t exactly tough it out with the kennel since Em needs to sleep for school, so we’ll see I guess.

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