Posted by: wildflowerz | March 1, 2011

See how I leave, with every piece of you. Don’t underestimate the things that I will do. There’s a fire starting in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it’s bringing me out the dark.

I have big news in our world!  Emily made it to 100 AR points!  100 exactly, as a matter of fact.  How exciting for her!  I went out to Target today to get her a treat.  I got her Hagrid’s Hut Lego set and super chocolately cookies and cream cupcakes for dessert tonight.  I also found a cute soccer shirt for her, as well as some super cute cropped jean pants and another shirt that will look fab with black leggings.  Yay!

I set up Tyler’s vet appointment just a little bit ago too.  We need heartworm meds and he needs his incision checked out, so I’m doing that on Friday.  Chris slept in the spare room with him last night and it worked pretty well.  He barks at odd (to him) noises, so if anyone gets up in the middle of the night, he barks.  Not incessantly, but enough and loud enough that it’s annoying.  I’m going to take him to PetSmart tomorrow.  I want to get a big mat to go under his food and water bowls.  Right now, I just have a big towel.  I also want to get their training class schedule.

We had some bad storms here last night, so Em’s soccer practice was cancelled.  They kinda screwed up this season.  They didn’t get their team assignments until the Friday before Winter Break.  Then, there was no practice during the break, so the first one was supposed to be this week.  Then, the first game is on Saturday.  So, at best they would have 1 practice before their first game.  Because of the weather, now they won’t have any at all.  At least about half the team has played with each other before.


  1. Yay EMILY!!! So proud of her! That’s our smart girl! 🙂 (OK, I can take no actual credit for her but I am sure proud of her anyway!) 🙂

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