Posted by: wildflowerz | March 3, 2011

You know how the time flies. Only yesterday was the time of our lives. We were born and raised in a summer haze, bound by the surprise of our glory days.

Play Date #1 of the week is over and was a success.  They played Mario Party for forever.  I hate that game, but Em loves it, so any chance she gets to play it with someone who’s not me is a win in my book. XD  She’s got another one this afternoon and now has yet another one planned for next Tuesday.

I came upon the one big drawback of soccer season:  missed birthday parties.  I talked to one of Em’s friends moms this morning and she was telling me about her daughter’s bday party and it’s on a Saturday and it’s from 10:30-1:30, so chances are very good that Em’s going to have a soccer game that day at that time.  My hope is that that day her game’s at 9am.  She shouldn’t be too late if that’s the case.  We’ll get the schedule on Saturday, I hope.

Oh, hey, I got out the Walk It Out yesterday!  I wanted to do 30 minutes.  The only drawback of that game is that it doesn’t tell you how long you walk and I almost ALWAYS forget to check the clock when I start.  So instead, I did 10k steps.  Something about the planner, the organizer, whatever in me loves that game.  You walk and every step gives you a coin.  You use the coins to open up scenery, songs, routes, the clock, and constellations.  It’s so for me.  Since we’ve gotten the dog, Em’s wanted to take a short walk every day, so I’m at least getting that in too.  It’s a slow, painful walk where we have to drag the dog away from sniffing all the piles of dog shit the assholes in our neighborhood neglect to pick up, but still, it’s better than just sitting on my ass.

So the new Johnny Depp comes out this weekend, Rango.  What do y’all think?  Are you going to go see it?  The got 81% Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes from the critics right now.  We’ll probably take Em to see it maybe Sunday.  We skipped Gnomeo & Juliet.  Em didn’t seem super into it and I’d gotten her the novelization at Valentine’s Day and I don’t think she’s picked it up at all.

Have y’all been listening to Adele?  I downloaded some of her music recently and I SO love her.  Her voice is amazing.  I saw her on Chelsea Lately the other day and she’s so funny too.  She’s got some kind of way goofy laugh.  Plus, she’s British and you know how I love the Brits.  Anyway, I highly recommend you check her out.


  1. It’s Johnny Depp, on a big screen. I am just saying.

    • Well, it’s Johnny Depp’s voice, anyway, but still, that’s something. XD

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