Posted by: wildflowerz | March 4, 2011

Interest in colors, I discover myself. If your highlife is gritty, you’ll be toasting my health. If an interest in coats, you should be lining the walls. When your birth right is interest, you could just accrue it all.

Play Date #2 of the week is over and was a success.  The girls came off the bus and in the door yelling and screaming like banshees, but soon settled down to quiet doll play in Em’s play room. XD  They had lots of fun and were sad when it was time for her friend to go home.

She got some, I think, good news yesterday.  Before Christmas, Em tested for the gifted program at school.  I had mixed feelings because of my experiences, but Emily was really excited about it and REALLY wanted to get in.  It was 4 weeks of testing, 3 times a week, and hour each day.  Yesterday we got back the results that Em got in.  When I told her, she was slightly happy, but not nearly as happy when she first realized that she was going to get tested for it.  Now she’s not even sure if she wants to do it.  And not really torn about it so much, just really that it doesn’t matter so much.  So, I have a meeting with the teacher a week from Monday to talk about it.  I’m leaning toward encouraging her to do it, at least for a year.  One of her BFFs is already in it and doesn’t really care so much for it.  Another one of her older friends is in it and evidently likes it a lot.  So, I think it’s a good idea for her to try things, so that’s where I’m at now.

We’re supposed to have a soccer game tomorrow, but when I looked, it’s supposed to start raining today at 3 and not stop.  Ever, maybe.  :-\  Last soccer season, we didn’t have the first cancellation of a practice or a game, but already this season we’ve had a cancelled practice and likely the first game cancelled too!  Oh well, that’s just the luck.  If the game’s cancelled, we’ll probably take Em to Rango instead that day.

Oh, 2 days in a row, I did Walk It Out.  Another 10k steps yesterday.  Yay me. 🙂  We did another short walk yesterday, up to the stop sign.  Woohoo. 😛  I hope to do it again this afternoon.  We’ve got a vet appointment at 11:20 and I also need to go to the library.  I have 5 books on hold!  I’ll probably take Em with me and go when she gets off the bus.  That way I’ll have time to do Walk It Out too.


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