Posted by: wildflowerz | March 8, 2011

Oh you’re still filthy dragged on the sand of another mans land. Another man riding on another man’s dream.

Uuuuuuggggggggg!  I’m sick.  I feel like ass.  Sore throat, itchy ear/upper throat, foggy head, lethargic.  It’s either a cold or allergies.  Who knows, but I feel horrible.  I woke up feeling bad yesterday.  I spent the day doing breakfast and then used book stores with a friend. I  probably shouldn’t have gone and stayed home and rested instead, but I really wanted to go so I did.  I had a good time, but the sickness got worse through the day.  Last night was Em’s soccer practice and if it hadn’t been the first one, I’d have stayed home.  I ended up going to bed at 8:30 last night and I feel worse now.

So, backtracking:  Em’s game was cancelled on Saturday because of the rain.  Instead we did a lot of nothing.  We got Em to watch the new Star Trek this past weekend.  She made it through the entire thing, but said she didn’t like it.  Aw, Em!  Sunday we went to PetSmart and that was the highlight of our day.  😛

Yesterday, like I said, I went to used book stores with a friend.  I got a stack of books too.  Yay!  Then yesterday evening, we had Em’s soccer practice.  There were 3 girls there who were on her team last season.  There were 2 missing that were on the team last year and were on the roster for this year.  They had two teams practicing together last night.  The coach has 2 kids and one’s in U8 with Em.  The other’s in U6.  Because of DST, they both practiced together.  We found out that next week and the rest of the season practice will be at 6:30.  Em goes to bed at 7pm.  Yes, all the other kids her age stay up later, but she’s uber cranky when she does it, so this will be interesting.  You could already see the high strung mom in the group last night.  I’m hoping it was a U6 mom, but I think it’s a U8 mom on Em’s team.  The coach forgot the uniforms for the new players and this mom was freaking out ’cause her kid wouldn’t have the right socks for Saturday.  Really, lady?  It doesn’t matter.  As long as they have the right shirt color, it’s fine.  And you can throw the uniform shirt on at the game.  Suck it up.

Em’s got another play date this evening.  Other than that, that’s about all we have going on during the week.  Saturday we have a soccer game and then a birthday party.  Here’s hoping I feel better by then.


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