Posted by: wildflowerz | March 14, 2011


Happy π Day everyone!  Chris is working from home today so he could go with me to Em’s school to meet with the AIM teacher.  It was interesting.  Found out that the teacher’s retiring after next year.  It sounds like they do a lot of cool things.  Also found out that half the first grade goes in the morning and half in the afternoon.  Em’s class goes with the class one of her BFFs is in, so she’s very happy about that.  There were 4 other moms of kids Em knows in the meeting too, so that was cool.  There are at least 4 other kids in her 1st grade class that she’ll be going with too.  We also got her scores.  They were mostly in the 90s with a few exceptions.  The category for Mental Ability you had to score 95 or better in one area, so she didn’t get that.  However, the teacher said that most kids don’t get that one.  Em did have low 90s for most of the areas in that one though.  She met the criteria for Achievement (Reading and Math stuffs), Motivation, and Creativity.  She actually scored 96 and 97 for Creativity, so it was her best one. 🙂

When we were leaving we got to peek into the cafeteria just in time to see Em practice her part of the play the first grade is doing for the PTA meeting next Tuesday.  So cute!  Next Tuesday happens to also be the book fair, so we’ll be going for that and then the play at the PTA meeting.  It also means she’ll have 2 late nights in a row next week, which I’m not thrilled about, but what can you do?  Today we have her first 6:30pm soccer practice.  That should be fun.  Em has problems being cranky at practice normally and that’s when it’s not past her bed time!  She also has soccer pictures on Saturday and since her game is at 9am, we’ve got to be there at 8:15!  Yikes!

I’ve been thinking about what kind of stuff we’re going to do this summer.  She’s already a good reader, so I doubt I’ll do much more than just encourage reading a bit every day for that.  The past two summers we’ve working on the giganto workbooks you can get for the next grade level.  They’ve been super easy, but tedious.  I think this summer we might work on Math exclusively.  I got her a book from MindWare that I thought was for her level, but when I got it home, the back said it was for 3rd grade.  I haven’t looked in it yet, so I need to do that and see if it will be okay.  It’s a pretty small book, so I’ll probably get something else math-oriented from the book store.  I also hope to do a lot of different stories and movies with her about different cultures and religions, as well as some basic science and evolution stuff.  I’ve already got a TON of books bookmarked.  Surprisingly, they had a lot of them at our library, so I can just put them on hold and do it that way.  If you’re interested, the list is here.  All of them except the very last one were recommended in the Raising Freethinkers book I’m reading now.  That last one was just something I added to remember for later on down the road.  So, that’s where we’re at with that.

I finished up Coupling this morning and I just adored it.  I missed Jeff a lot the last season, though.  Anyway, I highly recommend it. I tried the first two episodes of Hyperdrive (Nick Frost & Miranda Hart), but I’m not sure I like it.  It’s touted as a kind of Galaxy Quest, but so far it doesn’t seem very funny at all.  I might try another eppy, but it looks like this one will be a no.  I’ve been having issues with eppy 7 of the current season Being Human too.  Once I get it, the sound isn’t working.  I’ll give it another shot, but I might have to wait for it on tv (which I think starts soon on BBCA).  Does anyone know if this is the last season of Chuck?  I’m so over it, but if this is the last season, I’ll stick around until the end.  I adore Levi, but Yvonne Strahovski is just NOT a good actress.  At all.  Oh, Gareth David Lloyd’s coming back to Dragon*Con this year.  /squee



  1. I am pretty sure I saw Chuck approved for Season 5 on Twitter.

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