Posted by: wildflowerz | March 15, 2011

They got cars big as bars. They got rivers of gold, but the wind goes right through you. It´s no place for the old.

So, I was emailing a friend earlier today (/wave to friend) and we were trying to work out a play date.  That’s when I realized that we’ve scheduled ourselves too much for my taste.  Em’s got soccer every Saturday for the next 11 weeks, excepting the one before Spring Break and the one after.  Also starting this Sunday, we’ve got puppy training at PetSmart for the next 6 weeks.  The puppy training is at 1pm, so it fucks up the entire day.  Our soccer games for next month are all in the middle of the day too, fucking up any other plans.  This is also when I noticed that Renn Fest starts next month during this.  It’s the weekend AFTER Spring Break, so it’s not like we could even do those days when we don’t have soccer.  We always go the first weekend so we go when it’s coolest.  Looks like we’ll be going some time in May instead this time ’cause we won’t be able to make it the first two weeks.  I am not amused.

I’d planned on doing BJs today but rain is the suck.  So maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.  I’ve spent today organizing some of the books I want to use with Em this summer and figuring out what the library has and if I’ll need to buy any.  I looked a tiny bit through the math book I got Em too.  It seems to be more logic than math, but we’ll give it a shot.  I still want to get her another one.

Em and I went through her Spring/Summer clothes today.  I had a pile to donate to Goodwill, but I also had quite a bit that she can still wear.  In fact, she doesn’t need a whole lot.  She could definitely use some school shorts.  She’s got a bunch of the shorter play shorts that she wears under dresses, but not so many that are longer and appropriate to wear with a shirt to school.  Other than that, that’s really it.  If I see some shorter leggings, she could probably use some of those in white and black, but that’s about it.  So, yay!

Anyone know where I can get a safari-type jacket and a pith helmet for Em?  For a cheap price?  I’m not going out of my way or anything, but if you’ve seen any out shopping, let me know.  During the year, each month at the PTA meetings, each grade does a play.  March is the 1st grade play and Em is playing a butterfly catcher.  Of course, we actually have the butterfly nets, but they already have those at the school.  But if I found her a cute vest and hat, it would be great.  I’ll probably check Target this week and possibly Toys R Us if I get down there.  Other than that, I doubt I’ll bother too much.

I’ve also found a home for Em’s train table and all her trains.  One of her friends has a little sister and a little baby brother and her mom’s gonna take them all.  Yay!  It really opens up some space in her play room, so that’s great.

Isn’t my life just endlessly fascinating?  I can’t believe you people are reading this stuff!

Hey, anyone have any good books for easy science experiments?  Em got one of those Tasty Science kits for Christmas and she LOVES it, but it’s not really science.  Chris is annoyed by it because it gives you a few things to do, but doesn’t explain why you’re doing them and most of it aren’t really experiments.


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