Posted by: wildflowerz | March 18, 2011

Cause all your dreams are made. Now you’re chained to the mirror with your razor blade. Today’s the day that all the world will see. It’s another sunny afternoon. Yeah I’m walking to the sound of my favorite tune. Tomorrow doesn’t know what it doesn’t know too soon.

Afternoon internet dudes.  I spent the morning at Em’s school doing copy mom duties.  Em had asked me to have lunch with her and then go to the book fair.  So, I was surprised once I got to school and her teacher says that today is her McD’s lunch with the principals.  So instead I went home for an hour and then came back.  I went to the library to wait for them and Em wasn’t with the group!  Her teacher led me to the room where she was eating with the principals and evidently she was talking their ear off about anything and everything!  She finally came to the library and we picked out a few books.  I picked up Al Yankovic’s new book.  Em got an American Girl book, a Dear Dumb Diary book, and a couple other spooky-ish books.

Did I mention that we went to Target yesterday?  Em’s two BFFs both have American Girl dolls.  Em’s been begging for one.  I’m NOT paying $100 for an American Girl doll.  I’m just not going to do it.  I looked on Craig’s List and only found a few, but most of them were $60-$80 and I’m still not going to do that.  So, we went to Target yesterday and they had Our Generation and Madame Alexander dolls for $30 and $25.  I told Em that she could get one and an outfit if she wanted to buy it with her Christmas money and I’d get her another outfit myself.  She picked an Our Generation doll and it was supposed to be $30.  When I got home and checked the receipt, it had actually rung up as only $20!  Score!  So, yeah.  She’s all interested in American Girl now.  Right now she’s at her friend’s house for a play date and she insisted on bringing her new doll.  😛

Tomorrow morning we’ve got soccer pictures at 8:15am and a soccer game at 9am.  My ‘rents are coming to the game and probably to lunch with us later.  Sunday we’ve got puppy training at 1 and then a play date at 3.  Should be cool.  Monday’s soccer practice.  Tuesday’s her first grade play!  I managed to find a cute little hat for her to wear in the play and the teacher brought a jean vest for her to wear.

Something interesting came up.  Her teacher offered today to recommend that Em and her BFF be in the same class next year.  I was kinda torn.  It sucked when she got in that class this year and absolutely zero of her friends were there with her.  But it meant she got to make new friends.  This year (see my previous post) she and her BFF are all about each other.  They don’t play with anyone else.  Ever.  If I recommend that they’re together again, I have a feeling that they might stick together and not make any new friends.  But if I don’t get them in the same class, then she might be stuck with no one again.  I mentioned to Chris and he thinks they should be together.  I mentioned to the BFFs mom too and she thinks the same thing, I think.  I’ll probably ask her teacher to request it in the end.

I’ve tried a few new tv shows today.  None of them were any good.  I tried Urban Gothic and Survivors and I didn’t care for either.  Right now I’m watching The Beach again.  I read it just a while ago and I remember seeing it back in the day, but didn’t remember much about it.  So now I’m seeing the differences with the book.  It’s much less complex than the book.  I’m also getting the 1940 version of Rebecca in the mail and that should be great.  I can’t wait. 🙂


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