Posted by: wildflowerz | March 28, 2011

Kindly unspoken, you show your emotion and silence speaks louder than words. It’s lucky I’m clever ’cause if I didn’t know better I’d believe only that which I’d heard.

Rain, rain.  It changed our entire weekend plans.  We had a soccer game Saturday morning at 9am.  It was time to leave and the forecast was for heavy rain all weekend, but it hadn’t quite started yet.  We had no email from our coach, so we headed out.  We got there and it had just started to rain.  We only had 6 out of the 10 girls there.  The assistant coach was there, but not the head coach.  The other team had just enough players, so they started.  They played for a whole 2 minutes before they called it and we headed home.

Anyway, that worked out well for us ’cause we had time for Em to take a shower and properly get ready for her birthday party.  Chris had agreed to take Em and drop her off, so I gave him the directions I’d gotten off Google maps.  A bit later, he calls and he can’t find it.  I went to the skating center’s website and it just directed me to Google.  It took him an hour to get there and find it.  Once he was there, he said it was insane crowded and there was no place for the group to settle so they could leave stuff (like Em’s shoe), so he stayed there with her.  It took him an hour to get home because a cop pulled someone over on the highway and everyone had to look.  (Idiots.)  Chris and Em were both behaving like 2 year olds so we had a shitty rest of the day.  That I’ve already vented about elsewhere and I don’t care to do it again.

Sunday, we had puppy training at 1pm.  /yawn  I so don’t have the patience for that.  It was also stuffy and a bit warm in there and I didn’t feel great, so yeah.  Not fun.  Em had a makeup game at 4pm, but it was cancelled too.  So, we stayed in the rest of the day.  Em finished up the first season of iCarly.  The rest of them aren’t on Instant View, so maybe I’ll get them sent home.  Or maybe I’ll just start recording them off tv.  I doubt Em would care if she watched it in order.  That’s my particular hangup!

I took Em to the bus stop this morning and our street was like a river.  In the 5 seconds it took me to close my umbrella, shove it in the car, and then shove myself in the car, I got soaked.  So not fun.  I needed to go to the grocery store today, but I’m going to wait until the rain lessens.  We’re supposed to have soccer practice today, but I REALLY hope it’s cancelled.  Even if it stops raining now, the field is going to be a MESS.

I’d planned on starting the Couch to 5K thing today, but the weather’s not going to let me.  I SO wish I had a treadmill.  I guess instead I’ll do an exercise video or some such.

It looks like Em’s going to have a sleepover on Friday night.  Either Sunday night or Monday I’ll take Em to my mom and dad’s for a few days.  Next Wednesday’s Chris’s birthday, so we’ll go out wherever he decides on.  The rest of the the week and that weekend, we don’t have anything going on but puppy training.  Ug.


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