Posted by: wildflowerz | April 5, 2011

There’s a word for that. What does it start with, the word for that? I’d sound so smart if I only knew the word for that, perhaps you do?

It’s chilly outside today, but it’s SO PRETTY!  We’ve had a good start to our spring break here.  Em was feeling FINE by Sunday.  We did the dog training, but otherwise still took it really easy.  Yesterday we met her BFF and her fam at a park near us.  It was a park we’d never been to, but one that I’d seen on the way to the library.  However, all you can see from the road is the sign and I thought it was one of those parks where it was just sports fields.  BOY was I wrong.  It had two LARGE play areas:  one for little kids and one for bigger kids.  Each set had swings.  Swings!  Our normal park has no swings.  It also has a big covered area with picnic tables, a bathroom, and a soda machine.  Also, it’s got a big green grass area for picnics and kicking around soccer balls ans such.  So, just talking the big play equipment and not the swings or pavillion or grassy area, we’re talking this is at least 8x bigger than at the park we normally go to.  We’ve totally found our new park!  It’s in the opposite direction, but I think it’s about the same distance from us.  Anyway, we met for a picnic lunch there and then the kids played for about 2 hours!  Before we left, we set up a Take Two for a sleepover.  That happens to be tonight.  After the park, we headed to Menchie’s to give it a shot.  A friend of FB is going all the time, so I thought we’d check it out.  It was a neat concept…one I hadn’t tried before.  If you haven’t been, you get a cup and there’s about 8 or so yogurt machines with two flavors in each.  You put in whatever you want in your cup, however much you want.  Then there’s an insane amount of toppings you can do.  Then, you pay by weight.  Mine and Em’s together was just over $7.  Okay, seriously neat idea.  Not too expensive for an every now and then thing.  The yogurt was NOT the best fro-yo I’ve had, but it wasn’t bad by any means.

So, today, I wanted to work on a project.  I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but I never could think of a good place to do it.  I’ve decided to just use a wall in her play room.  It’s REALLY simple.  See, Em generates an insane amount of artwork.  Add to that, all the artwork friends make for her and we have no where to put it all.  So, I’m going to do a zig zag on a wall in her play room of a thick string or twine.  Then use clothes pins to hang stuff up.  She can switch it out and hand up whatever she wants.  I figured that Home Depot would probably be the best place for the string/twine, so I’ve been looking for clothes pins.  No one sells clothes pins anymore.  I probably should just do some other types of clips and honestly, I didn’t think of looking for them until now.  So we’ll probably go to Target tomorrow and try and find something cute.  I went all over Target last week and Bed, Bath, and Beyond today looking for clothes pins.  They don’t sell them.  Those were the two places I thought FOR SURE would have them.  Not so much.

After BB&B today, we looked through Cost Plus World Market before heading to the mall.  We shopped!  Hallmark there is going out of business, so Em got a 50% off Webkinz.  We then went to the Disney store and found two cute tee shirts (Minnie & Rapunzel), two night gowns (Minnie & Tink), and a Jasmine Doll and clothes set (2/$20).  We stopped for lunch at Subway and then went to Claire’s where Em got a cute headband, blue flower hair clip, soccer ball earrings, unicorn earrings, and a set of earrings with princess stuff on it.  After that, we checked out Crazy 8’s and found the cutest dress.  It’s short sleeve and it looks like a trench coat.  But it’s blue, green, and yellow plaid.  It’s TOO cute!  After that, we did cookies and then left.  Em bought most of the stuff (minus the clothes) with her Christmas money too.  Now we’re back home.

So tonight we’ve got a sleepover and I’m getting off easy on food.  Em’s friend requested Mac & Cheese!  So I’m making that and throwing in some stir fry veg and a pork loin and calling it a meal.  Tomorrow’s Chris’s birthday and he’s requested steak, so we’ll do that in the evening and maybe take him to Menchie’s, depending on his wishes. 🙂  I think we’ll head to Target and Home Depot tomorrow too and see if I can get the art display thing done.  That leaves Thursday and Friday.  One of those days we’ll probably go see Wimpy Kid.  Maybe the other we’ll do the zoo.  Then maybe this weekend we can do something cool…like maybe the new exhibit at Fernbank or something.  We’ll see.



  1. Last time I bought clothes pins they were in a dollar store!

  2. Oh and I went to office depot like 2 weeks ago, and in their $1 bins they had tons of cool clips and stuff. Lots of different colors and shapes. Also worth a shot at checking out. Love the idea though! Have you found the string part yet? Maybe check into something like laundry string, might be able to find something cool and plastic coated. OMG! Can’t wait to see what you find!

    • Oh, cool! I’ll check that out! I originally wanted cute clothes pins, but I can’t even find ugly ones. Other types of clips probably would work better anyways. I haven’t gotten the string yet. I’ve been looking for it too and haven’t found anything yet. I’ll def. check HD for that tomorrow and go by OD too for clips! Yay!

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