Posted by: wildflowerz | April 6, 2011

Couch to 5k: Redux

So, that first shot didn’t go well, did it?  I think maybe I don’t need a COUCH to 5k, but a BED to 5k.  I dunno.  Anyway, here’s what I’m going to do now instead, I think.  I’m going to try the Aggressive program, I think, except I’m going to add a month of walking before it.  The Conservative one, I think, starts out with WAY too little walking.  So instead, I’m going to do a month of walking 3x a week for 30 minutes a day.  At least, that’s the plan.  We’ll see.  Oh, the Complete Idiots Guide to Running and Jogging is a complete bust.  It was even more aggressive than the first one I tried, so I knew it wasn’t going to be all that helpful.  Oh well.  I just got it at the library, so it’s not like I’m out anything.

As for the part that hurts me the most, the food, I just don’t know.  I guess I’m going to stop buying most, if not all, of the crap I’ve been getting and then start working water back in, because I’m COMPLETELY slacked on that too.  I know, it’s not much of a surprise.  Oh well.



  1. Well I totally followed that think and then went and read other stuff on the site about weight loss and stuff. Since I have NO NO NO desire to run, it was nice to see something about a walk/jog program. I am too fat to even jog though without hurting my knees and getting that oh-so-awesome fat flopping feeling. But anyway something I was reading on there had some thought provoking information about adding in some strength training. Not that I haven’t read stuff about that before but there was a nice explanation of it. I wish I had saved the link now, but it was somewhere on that site. Ok, enough rambling now. LOL

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