Posted by: wildflowerz | April 6, 2011

I offer thanks to those before me. That’s all I’ve got to say. ‘Cause maybe you squandered big bucks in your lifetime. Now I have to pay.

Oh my.  Once again, I’m reminded that there’s SO a reason why I’m not in any kind of profession that works with children.  I’m good with my own, but others confound me.  Em had her sleepover last night.  Before I say anything else, let me say that her friend is a sweet girl and we like her a lot.  But she’s a different girl than Emily.  Of course, the more I’m out and about and see other kids, the more I think that maybe we’re just way stricter with Em, but I can’t imagine letting her get away with the stuff that her friends do.  And here, I’m not even really talking about BAD stuff, just annoying stuff.  For instance:  meals.  At our meals, we all sit at the table and we eat our food.  We don’t get up from the table a million times for impromptu dance parties or waste vast amounts of time when we’re supposed to be eating.  Em’s friend does.  And Em’s friend eats her dinner (unlike Em who declares herself to be done 10 minutes and 5 bites in).  So we’re at the table a LONG TIME.  You also have to tell her friend to do (or not to do) something 3 times before she’ll do it.  And it’s not like when we occasionally have to do that with Em because she’s interested in something and not paying attention.  Her friend will look right at you as you’re telling her and ignore you.  I had to tell her about 10 times last night that we brush our teeth in the bathroom and not in the bedroom.  Really?

Really, though I’m just jabbering.  It was a pretty good sleepover and they got along really well and all that.  The friend is a very sweet girl and most of my complaints are just my anal retentiveness and such.  The even went to bed reasonably well.  Em normally goes to sleep at 7.  Her friend normally goes to sleep at 8.  I let them stay up until just past 8 and told them to go to bed.  They were up there jumping around and talking really loudly an hour later.  Which I totally expected, so I let them.  I went up at 9 and told them to go to sleep and they were quiet and asleep at least by 10.

Except that at 3:30 Em woke me up.  She had an accident.  I made sure to let her know that I wasn’t mad at her, but annoyed at the situation, but jeez!  She maybe has an accident once every couple of months or so.  It figures it would be last night that she had one.  Normally I tell her to change her clothes and go sleep in the guest bedroom.  Except there were two problems with that last night.  One is that Chris was in the guest bed because the dog would NOT be still and since Em had a friend over, he was in our bed.  The other is that Em’s friend was still in her room and it smelled like pee.  Em’s bed is a day bed with a pull out trundle for a second bed.  The trundle is attached to the bed, so when she has the trundle out, they’re squished up together.  It’s hard enough to just make the bed with the trundle out, much less in the middle of the night, in the dark, with wet pee sheets, and a little girl in the outside trundle bed.  So not a good time.  Still, it wouldn’t have been so bad except that I could NOT go back to sleep.  I was still awake when Chris’s alarm went off at 5:20.  I think I finally dozed off around 5:45 or so before Chris came in to shower and stuff.  Em woke me up at 7am.  So, I’m super tired and have a headache.

Today’s Chris’s birthday.  He wants steak, so we’re doing Longhorn.  He also wants their chocolate dessert, but also wants a cake.  So we’re going to get him a cake tomorrow for maximum freshness.  😛  I think we might go to Fernbank on Saturday and maybe the park on Sunday.  Em wants to see Wimpy Kid, but we’re going tomorrow.  We’re also skipping looking for the project stuff I talked about yesterday until tomorrow or Friday.  We MIGHT go to the zoo on Friday, but Em’s not too enthused about it, so maybe not.

In other news, I’ve totally gained 16lbs total back since Thanksgiving.  I’m not happy.  I also can’t seem to find the motivation.  Blah.  I keep eating crap.  I’m not exercising.  I’m a great big slug.  I also can’t seem to get myself off my ass.   /sigh  Do not like.


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