Posted by: wildflowerz | April 9, 2011

And the crowd begins to wonder and they cry to see your face

I am not amused.  So, know how we went out to eat Wednesday night for Chris’s bday and I ate entirely too much and then didn’t feel good the next day either?  Yeah, it just got worse.  No throwing up and no fever, but I felt godawful.  My mom came on Thursday and we went to Wendy’s for lunch.  I got one of their wraps.  I ate the small piece of chicken out of it, but that’s about it.  I didn’t eat anything else the rest of the day.  And you guys know me.  That must really mean I feel awful.  We went to Home Depot and Office Max after lunch and got the stuff to make Em’s art display thing.  Then we drove to the used book store where I couldn’t find anything.  Again, another sign I feel bad.  We came back home and I kinda collapsed on the couch.  When Chris came home, we went and got them all dinner.  I went to bed pretty early that evening.

Yesterday I was feeling better, but not great.  Chris was “working from home” and went and got Subway for lunch.  My mom left after that.  I took Em to see the Wimpy Kid movie.  She had another sleepover last night (at another friend’s house) and I still felt bad.  We ate McD’s for dinner and watched Camelot.  Very interesting stuff, no?  Chris and I both slept until 9am this morning and woke up just as Em came home. 😛  Now Em and I are watching Phineas & Ferb and Chris is in the library.

Hey, has anyone experimented with internet tv?  Chris is looking into Boxee.  The plan is to hopefully get rid of DirecTV (over $70/month) as well as our home phone.  Then we’d bump up our internet to the fastest available.  We might then use my computer as the connector to the tv to watch the internet stuff and get a new one.  Mine currently works just fine, but when I play WoW, I can only play for about an hour because it’s so effing hot.  So, yeah.  There’s that.

Hey, if anyone knows of someone who’s got a treadmill for cheap that works, let me know.  I REALLY want one.  😀


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