Posted by: wildflowerz | April 11, 2011

The Evil League of Evil Is watching so beware. The grade that you receive will be your last we swear.

Mixed results so far today.  I didn’t formally exercise.  But I did clean the entire house.  I did sweat, but not like exercise sweat.  I hope to do Walk It Out this afternoon, though.  I’ve done half of my water goal and am working on my other half.  I had to put the dog in the kennel most of the morning because he evidently gets afraid of the vacuum and poops in the house when I leave him free.  So, I’m letting him out of it for a while before I head to the grocery store.  My goal for the rest of the day is grocery store, Walk It Out, and put up the clothes line thingy for Em’s art in her playroom.

A bit more news on the internet tv deal.  So, I said that Chris was trying Boxee.  Boxee’s a program you download and should combine all the free tv on the internet.  You either buy a $200 box from them or you use a computer to hook up to your tv to watch it.  The problem with this right now is that we don’t have a connector between any of our computers and our downstairs tv.  Chris ordered one online this morning.  He’s liking Boxee so far.  The other thing we’ve tried is PlayOn.  At least the way Chris has set it up, you have to have our desktop on, with PlayOn started up.  Then you can go through the xBox to see the shows.  THIS way requires no extra equipment.  The interface is a bit weird.  When you open it up on the xBox, you have a list of a bunch of different sources for tv:  Hulu, Amazon, tv stations (CBS, ABC, etc).  In theory, all the tv stations should be under Hulu too.  But there are things in the stations that aren’t under Hulu and that makes no sense.  Then there are some things online that are odd, so they can’t be seen from this interface….like The CW.  We went through all our tv and over half of it’s available free online.  About 30% of it’s available, but you’ve got to pay for it.  Then, 16% isn’t available by any legal means.  However, when we take out the few shows that we don’t greatly care about (What Not to Wear, Chelsea Lately, and Tosh.0) the results get a lot better.  I’m all for getting rid of our DirecTV and Tivo.  We’ll ditch our home phone too and up our internet to the most awesome one. 🙂  Anyway, the truth of it is that I can most almost everything we really want to watch except for Mythbusters.  Those eventually come to Netflix too, so to me, that’s not a big sacrifice in order to save $840 a year.  So, yeah.


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