Posted by: wildflowerz | April 18, 2011

She’s brand new now to you wrapped in your papoose, you little Fig Newton.

Uh, allergies.  It seems to have steadily gotten worse.  Today I’m stuffed up with a slight headache and itchy eyes.  Not fun.

We had 2 soccer games this weekend.  Yesterday’s was a makeup game for the first one we missed this year.  They lost horribly in both games, but there was good news.  Em’s doing MUCH better.  She’s got a way better attitude this season and her skill’s gotten better too.  Last season, she’d halfway try during the first half of the game.  During the second, she’d not pay attention, refuse to run, and ask to be subbed out as soon as she got in.  She’s not doing any of that this season.  As for skill, she seems to be running a bit faster and trying much harder.  She’s actually getting her foot on the ball a lot more too.  I’m very proud of her. 🙂

Chris and Em went to dog training on Sunday.  I skipped out again.  It’s sooo boring.  We’d planned on skipping next Sunday to go to RennFest.  That would have been the last class.  But they aren’t having it next Sunday because of Easter.  So we can go to RennFest, but there will still be the last class.  Oh well.

Not a whole lot going on this week.  Soccer practice tonight, game on Saturday, RennFest on Sunday.  I need to go to Target at some point this week to get some Easter basket stuff.  I’m not really sure what to do on Easter anymore.  It’s much more religious than Christmas.  But there’s the whole Easter Bunny thing.  Em and I just read a book on all the different Easter stuff and where it came from, etc, etc.  Anyway, we’ve never done much of anything for Easter in the past anyway.  Nothing but an Easter Basket anyway.  So, yeah.


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