Posted by: wildflowerz | April 22, 2011

I feel like I’ve been living in a city with no children in it. A garden left for ruin by a billionaire inside of a private prison.

Good morning.  I suddenly have the morning free!  Today is Copy Mom day for me and I’d planned on going in the morning.  Luckily Em’s teacher remembered that I wouldn’t be able to get in the building because of testing.  Great.  I’ll probably have a hell of a time getting a copier to make my copies now, but I’ll be going in the afternoon.  Yay.

So, soccer game on Saturday and RennFest on Sunday.  Good times.

Not a lot going on here.  It’s getting hotter outside.  I’ve got allergy crap going on.  I’m eating like crazy and not exercising.

The tv experiment’s gotten mixed results.  Chris is unable to hook up our laptop to our current big ass tv downstairs, so we’re still using PlayOn and it’s alright.  Had some kind of issues with connectivity of our home network, but Chris seems to have worked that out.  CBS isn’t showing up online for some reason, so we’re still watching that off Tivo.  Yeah, I dunno.

Regarding actual tv shows, I’m about over Glee.  I skipped over most of the songs this week and the story sucked ass.  Family Guy hasn’t been good for ages.  Game of Thrones wasn’t bad (hello hot Jason Momoa!) and I’m still liking The Killing.  Still liking United States of Tara and yay for having Eddie Izzard guest star this season!  Crazy ass Phillip on Survivor infuriates me, but makes it interesting.  Breaking In’s not a bad new show.  Christian Slater, Brett Harrison, and Michael Rosenbaum.  The Vampire Diaries is getting a little boring to me.  I’m not loving Camelot, but it’s okay.  I’m so not a fan of Jaime Campbell Bower.  He skeeves me out.

I’m also watching the new Jamie Oliver Food Revolution.  I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.  I mean, there’s his whole demonstration of the sugar in the school bus.  But was that the ADDED sugar or the total sugar.  Because milk already has a good bit of it in it anyway.  The flavored milk pretty much doubles the amount in regular milk.  And I also question the decision to go into this school district when you KNEW they weren’t going to be allowed in.  Yes, I agree that the school district should disclose information about their food, but are they refusing to disclose it to parents?  Are they just refusing to disclose it to Jamie Oliver?  Because really, what business is it of his?  I mean, I get that they don’t want the drama and the attention of a tv show, but what if it was just a regular news program?  I mean, I get what he’s trying to do, but after seeing the first season, I wouldn’t want that attention either.  I don’t know how to explain it, but the whole program’s just a little unsettling to me.  I dunno.

Ooh, Doctor Who starts on Saturday!  I’m so excited.  Finally they’ll have a good bit of stuff in the US.  And Mark Sheppard’s gonna be on it.  Yay!!!


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