Posted by: wildflowerz | April 26, 2011

Driven by the strangled vein, showing no mercy I do it again. Open up your eye, you keep on crying, baby. I’ll bleed you dry. The skies are blinking at me I see a storm bubbling up from the sea.

Things are…well, they just are.  There’s stuff I’m just not gonna talk about.

Coupon stuff got a little better this morning.  I was able to print the coupons if I installed the installer thingys using IE instead of Chrome.  Chris said he’d tried that the other day when he was trying to figure it out.  I ended up printing over $12 of coupons for stuff that we already eat.  Now I’m trying to figure out the coupon cycles for my grocery store, so I only buy stuff when it’s on sale.  We’ll see how that goes.  Still not sure what the deal is with issues with finding coupons in the paper, but I haven’t given up.  I did manage to save quite a bit yesterday, though.  Kroger had Knorr rice and pasta sides on sale for 10/$10 as well as Goldfish for the same price.  The Goldfish worked out really well.  It was much cheaper than buying the giganto package of Goldfish and this way, I got 10 packages of 9 different types of Goldfish.  I also got 6 2Liters of Diet Mountain Dew for $.84 each.  They also had this snacky thing on sale and I had a $1 off coupon.  I ended up saving $18 on a small order.  Not sure how much I saved if instead we factor in that I would have bought the giganto Goldfish package instead of 10 small ones.  Anyway, I’m working on it.

I exercised this morning.  A whole hour of Walk Away the Pounds.  I also did laundry and cleaned some.  Yea me.  The dog did something weird today.  I’d just started exercising and he was sitting near me.  I looked down and he was lying on his tummy, like usual.  He had one paw up in the air about 5 inches off the ground and he wasn’t moving.  I looked closer and he was shaking.  I called his name and bent down to pet him and he tries to get up, but he only manages to stretch out is front paws.  He starts trying to move, but he only ends up turning around in circles.  He’s still shaking.  I freak out some trying to decide what to do when he stops.  He gets up on all 4 legs, but his back is arched and kind of off to the side.  I try and get him to walk to me.  He does, but he’s shaky.  It eventually stops and he seems fine.  He ran around for a bit and then laid down on the couch.  No clue, but it was scary and strange.

Em’s school’s doing a movie night on their back field on Friday.  It’s Toy Story 3.  They’re doing a deal with the new local pizza place too where you get a large pizza, 4 drinks, and popcorn for only $10!  Em wanted to go as soon as she heard about it.  It kinda surprised me ’cause we own TS3.  I’ve never gotten her to go to those free movies they do during the summer because 95% of them she’s already seen and if they were any good, we bought them, so she’d rather see them at home where she can do other things.  So, I was surprised that she wanted to go.  It should be fun!

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