Posted by: wildflowerz | May 4, 2011

So I never wrote a letter. I never took my true heart. I never wrote it down so when the lights cut out I was left standing in the wilderness downtown.

My baby had a bad day yesterday!  I feel so horrible for her!  She came off the bus crying.  First, she somehow missed going to her reading group.  Evidently the teacher called them back and she either didn’t hear, or was in the room across the hall.  Then the teacher fussed at her for not being there.

Then, her best friend had given her a drawing that she did at school at some point during the day.  Em didn’t like it, so at the end of the day, she threw it away.  Of course, this hurt her friend’s feelings.  She said her friend told her, in typical little girl fashion, that she didn’t ever want to be her friend again.  I actually had to have a discussion with Em about why that was ugly and why it made her friend upset.  Em maintained that her friend didn’t take much time on the drawing, so she shouldn’t be upset about it.  /sigh  I think I finally made her understand why her friend was upset.  So, I told her that tomorrow she could tell her friend that she was sorry.  Em said that she wouldn’t listen to her.  When her friend’s mad at her, she sticks her fingers in her ears or yells “blah blah blah” while Em’s trying to talk.  And I’ve seen her do it before.  So, I told Em I’d email her friends mom.  I did and she talked to her kid about it.  She told her mom that Em said her drawing was ugly.  Gah!  Little girls!

THEN, Em got on the bus that she rides with her other friend.  This girl Em’s known longer from the neighborhood, but she’s never gotten to have a class with her until she started AIM.  Now she’s in a class with her once a week for a few hours.  Em’s had a play date at her house and the girl’s been to our house twice for a play date after that.  That’s compared to Em and her BFF (from the 2nd paragraph…all three girls live in the same section of our neighborhood and are at the same bus stop) who have had a sleepover at each other’s house and lots of play dates.  A lot of time, Friday afternoons they get off the bus, they’ll beg for a play date and we’ll do it.  Her mom doesn’t mind last minute stuff.  Okay, enter other friend:  HER mom doesn’t do last minute stuff.  She tells her kid that if she asks for a play date at the bus stop, the answer’s always going to be no.  And I understand wanting to plan things ahead of time.  The trouble is that she’s not.  So, yesterday on the bus, the friend tells Em that she doesn’t want to be friends with Em or the other friend any more because they don’t spend any time with her and only with each other.  And this is super frustrating because we try!  I get a sense of wanting to be fair and alternating houses for play dates from her mom, but it’s just not happening.  And to be fair, they’ve got 3 kids, so I know it’s harder.  But what can you do?  I sent her an email too saying her child was welcome to come over to our house at any time for a play date and that we could even plan a sleepover.  I haven’t heard back from her yet.

I feel so bad for Em.  I hope today’s a better day and that her friend in her class will listen to her and let her apologize.  I also hope she learned from this and will think about other people’s feelings a bit more.  If that happens, then I’m glad this had to happen to her because she learned something important.  Her other friend wasn’t at the bus stop this morning, so I don’t know.


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