Posted by: wildflowerz | May 9, 2011

And who do you think you are? Runnin’ ’round leaving scars. Collecting your jar of hearts and tearing love apart .

Poor kids!  Em had her soccer game Saturday morning.  The other team was huge.  They looked like they were U10 instead of U08!  They were good too.  Our girls just aren’t having any luck this season.  They’ve won maybe 2 of their games.  Oh well.  Em, overall, is doing WAY better.  It’s more of an attitude thing than an ability thing.  She’s just trying much harder this year.  So I’m proud of her.

Mother’s Day was WAY low key for us.  I woke up around 8 and had a shower.  I started to head downstairs, only to be banished back to my bedroom by Em.  Evidently Chris had gone out for breakfast and all my gifts and stuff were spread out over the kitchen.  So, I waited and Chris brought home McD’s.  Em had made me a super cute little plant holder at Home Depot and gotten a flower for it.  I had a card from each of them too.  Then, I had a big pot of hydrandeas (sp?) and several small purple flowers.  Chris planted them for me yesterday.  We’re notoriously bad with flowers, so they’ll probably be dead soon.  Still, it’s nice. 🙂  Em also said I needed candy, so they got me a Snickers bar and Em gave me one of her lollipops.  😛  We spent the day around the house not doing anything.  We all piled on our bed and watched The Princess Bride after lunch.  It was nice and relaxing.

Friday we had an impromptu play date.  Em’s best friend came over and spent a while with us.  The girls had a great time playing and giggling.  We had Wendy’s and tried to watch Mythbusters, but Em’s friend was so not into that.  And it’s funny because Em loves it, but she’s not very scienc-y at all.  Her friend’s mom says she’s way into science, but she didn’t wanna watch!  Hehe. 🙂

Em’s taking a practice CRCT this week.  From what I gathered, they didn’t have enough money to give it to 1st and 2nd grade for real.  So the teachers are giving it to them and then hand grading it.  Her teacher says the parents won’t even get the results.  And that long week when the rest of the school was taking it and there were so many restrictions and stuff about visiting the school and being quiet?  They didn’t do it that week.  They’re doing it now.  Yeah, no clue.

In other news, they’ve got field day next week.  Should be quite toasty.  Speaking of warm weather, evidently our pool opens on Saturday.  At least that’s what our HOA management people told someone who called.  But there are no signs up for it and no posts on the websites, so who knows if it’s true.

I got my first major WHOA purchase with coupons today.  I got 4 bags of Bird’s Eye veg for only $.04 per bag.  I could have gotten paid to take it if I made different choices on type, but they didn’t have much of what I actually wanted, so yeah.  I think it’s going okay and it feels nice to hand in a big bunch of coupons.  So far, for the month I’ve tried this, I’ve saved about 23%.  Not great, but not horrible.  I have missed a few things.  Like I needed mayo one week and the next week it goes on sale.  I also did the fridge clean out where I throw away those expired condiments, so I had to replace a lot of that and that doesn’t happen often, so it might be higher than it should be.  Mostly I’m trying to hold out on buying things until there’s a sale and I can use a coupon.  I haven’t gotten great about predicting when things will go on sale yet (since I don’t have enough data), so I’m missing out on some sales.  I’m trying not to stock up too heavily…just on things that won’t go bad before we need to use them or things that we use a lot.  I’m also trying to be flexible on brand and try some new stuff.  I think it’s working out okay.  I think once I’m 3 months in I should see some good changes.  It will be much tougher when Em’s out of school ’cause my shopping trips are taking forever.  I’ll probably transition over to going on Sundays instead of Mondays then.


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