Posted by: wildflowerz | May 12, 2011

Don’t be drag, just be a queen. Whether you’re broke or evergreen. You’re black, white, beige, chola descent. You’re Lebanese, you’re Orient.

I’m glad to report that I was wrong on the library books.  Of the 7, only 3 have holds on them after me.  So unless that changes, I just have 3 to finish in 2 weeks before they go back.  THAT’s no problem.  I’m reading the Steven Tyler one now.  It’s…different.  It’s written like how you’d imagine Tyler to talk.  And most of the time it makes no sense whatsoever.  He uses a lot of slang and specifically the drug slang I’ve no clue what he means.  Reading the thing feels like an acid trip.  Well, what I’d imagine one to be like anyways.  🙂

Why is it I always end up with cool stuff to do at the same time?  Okay, that’s an overstatement.  It just seems that way.  A friend invited me to go to the super cheap clearance Scholastic book place for teachers when I already have cool plans.  Grr.  I would have liked to have gone.  I mean, who can resist 85% off books?  Oh well.

Not much else going on here.  The tv situation has gone to where almost nothing we watch is available to watch online through PlayOn.  It’s sucking.  I mean, I’m still watching and it’s without commercials, which is awesome, but I like to do things the right way, it’s just not working.  Oh well.  TV shows are winding down, so I should have less to watch.  Did I mentioned that I started Voyager a few weeks ago?  I’m 2 eppys into the second season.  I like it well enough so far.  None of the characters are really standing out for me.  I wanted to like Paris, but he was a lot more snarky in the first eppy.  I like the human/Klingon female well enough, but even she feels a bit flat.  I like the Doctor.  The catman/cook guy annoys the hell outta me.  Janeway’s growning on me, but I don’t love her.  The rest of the characters just seem boring so far.  Maybe they’ll get interesting soon?

I finished up my summer plan for Em.  I’ve got at least 1 craft every week and 1 science project.  We’re gonna watch some Bill Nye and talk about a different topic every week (with handy books to emphasize points).  Then, other than that, I’m going to make sure she reads some every day.  And I’m sure we’ll be going to the pool a lot.  So, other than a long weekend away, that’s all we’ve got planned for the summer.

Does anyone use those gradual self-tanners?  I started using the Jergens one when it first came out.  It was great.  It was really gradual, it didn’t get streaky, or leave me orange.  But at some point they maybe changed it?  Because now I look like I have dirty legs. 😦  Do not like.  I’ve got a coupon for the Nivea one I was going to try, but the grocery store didn’t have it, so I’ll have to look elsewhere.


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