Posted by: wildflowerz | May 17, 2011

Cherry blossoms and a cherry soda. Picnics in the country side. I said I love you, do you think I’m crazy? Yes, you said, but I don’t mind.

Em’s field day was today at her school.  Her field day is NOTHING like mine used to be.  Here’s her’s:  First, it’s by grade.  Each grade is a different day.  Granted, they’ve got 8-9 first grade classes and I only had 2 of each class in my school.  Anyway, they start out with all the kids in the gym where they do a few relay races.  They CALL them races, but there are no winners.  They just go until everyone’s gone and then move on to the next “race.”  Then, all the classes split up by group.  Em’s class and another class are together and they stay in the gym for scooter board relays.  Same deal with this one.  No one wins.  Then, they go out into the back parking lot and play with a parachute.  Except that there are too many kids and they’ve got fifth graders running it, so it’s a big mess.  After that, it’s time for a popsicle break.  It’s very chilly here this week, so the kids are shivering, eating popsicles.  After that, they head to the back field where they do some random relay races with wooden eggs and balls and stuff.  Again, no one wins.  Then, they head over to do running relays and throwing tennis balls.  There’s no point to it, they just throw them.  It made no sense.  At that point, it’s lunch time.  After lunch, they do tug-o-war in the back field, followed by a cage ball tournament in the gym.  Chris and I aren’t coming back for the after lunch stuff this year.  Boy, does one of Em’s classmates have an obnoxious mom!  The stuff this morning started at 8:45 and the woman didn’t stop talking until she left just before lunch.  And she talked loudly and all about herself.  It was hella annoying.  I hope the girl and Em aren’t in the same class next year!

WAY different than my field days back in the 80s.  We were outside all day and everyone had field day at once.  We got ribbons for how we placed in all the races.  These days, they don’t like to have them have any real competition.  Is it any wonder Em has such a hard time with soccer?  She wants to take turns with the ball and won’t get up in anyone’s space to try and get it.  /sigh

Em’s got an ice cream party on Friday for reaching her teacher’s goal for AR points.  I’m supposed to be copy mom, but I’m waiting to hear if I’m actually needed.  Next week, they’ve got a yearbook signing party on Tuesday.  Wednesday they’re doing their class play, followed by awards, and then followed by their class party.  Thursday, they’re doing an Economics Day.  Each classroom’s going to be a different business.  Em’s class will be a beauty shop.  There’s an ice cream parlour, some type of dance party place, etc.  They earn coins this last month of school and then they spend the coins at the Economics Day.  If they run out, they go to the library, because it’s free.  XD

Em’s last soccer game is Saturday morning too.  It’s a makeup game.  We’ll get her pictures, medal, and certificate there.  I’m not sure if she’s going to play in the fall.  I want her to play something, but I can’t think of anything else for her to try.  I want her to do a team sport, so dance and gymnastics stuff is out.  The only other team sports I know of is tee ball and that doesn’t interest her at all.  Plus, there’s a WHOLE lotta standing around and she’d totally be bored with that.  Basketball would be good, but I don’t think there are any leagues or anything around here.  So, she’ll probably stick with soccer.

TV’s winding down too.  After this week, I’ll still be watching Game of Thrones (I’m not as in love with it as everyone else), The Killing (great acting, but it’s boring me), United States of Tara (LURVE Eddie Izzard!), Camelot (meh), and Doctor Who (yeah!).  I’m going to check out a new show with Greg Grunberg (Alias, Heroes) in a few weeks.  Weeds starts at the end of June, as does True Blood and Leverage.  I’m also going to try Falling Skies.

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