Posted by: wildflowerz | June 4, 2011

Who wants to be riding high when you’ll just crumble back on down? You give up everything you are and even then you don’t get far. They make believe that everything is exactly what it seems. But at least when you’re at your worst, you’ll know how to feel things.

/wave  My updates seem to have slowed.

Em did well with my planned stuff.  She plowed through the math and moved on to next week’s stuff.  We read and talked about evolution.  We watched a bunch of Bill Nye.  We assembled and started recording information from a Weather Station.  And she started working on a dino digging kit.  The last was a bit of a bust.  It was very slow going and very dusty.  She worked for about 45 minutes and only got 3 bones out and barely made a dent in the brick.  She’s not a big fan.

Thursday my mom came.  She spent the night.  The next day she wanted to go shopping.  We went to several stores and got a few things.  I got a nifty new soft cooler for the pool.  It’s pretty small, but it’s on a roller with a handle like a suitcase.  And it’s super cute.  We did lunch and then came back home.  A little later, my mom left with Em.

Last night, Chris and I went to see Bridesmaids.  Believe it or not, Chris wanted to see this one much more than The Hangover 2.  It was…odd.  So, first off, Melissa McCarthy KILLED it.  I always liked her as Sookie on Gilmore Girls and she was just so funny here.  I was surprised to see Chris O’Dowd as the love interest.  I know of him mostly as Roy on The IT Crowd.  He’s hilarious on there.  Anyway,  his accent wasn’t nearly as pronounced here in Bridesmaids as it is on The IT Crowd.  I like both versions.  On IT, he’s kind of brash and loud and very geeky.  In Bridesmaids, he’s more quiet and very sweet.  He was just adorable in this movie and probably my favorite part.  Other than those two performances, this movie was….strange.  There were some really funny moments.  But mostly, I felt like crying during the entire thing.  I mean, Wiig’s character was just so pathetic.  She made me want to cry.  She wasn’t fleshed out enough for you to really feel for her.  Rudolph’s character was kind of strange too.  She didn’t do a lot.  Neither she nor Wiig were all that funny on their own.  And the rivalry thing with Rose Byrne’s character, Helen, was strange.  Sure Helen tried to upstage her all the time, but  nothing she did was really vicious or behind the bride’s back.  What I really wanted to see in the end was that Helen was responsible for getting Officer Rhodes to the wedding, but they didn’t even give us that when all it would have taken was an extra line.  So, yeah.

After that, we tried to go to La Parilla, but couldn’t find a parking spot even, so we headed back up the hill and did Tuscany again.  It was pretty yum.  I could live on their Caesar salad and garlic rolls!

Today we’ll probably go see the new XMen.  Not sure if we’ve got anything else planned.  I think I’m going to see The Hangover 2 tomorrow with a friend and I’m pretty sure Chris is gonna tag along.  We don’t really have anything else going on that I can think of.  Em should be back on Thursday.


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