Posted by: wildflowerz | June 12, 2011

Ooh my little pretty one, pretty one. When you gonna give me some time, Sharona? Ooh you make my motor run, my motor run. Gun it comin’ off the line Sharona.

I got my Em back and am much happier now, tyvm. 🙂  My mom brought her back on Wednesday.  She was home less than an hour before we’d headed to the pool!  More of the same the next two days.  Em was very happy to see her best friend again!  Thursday, the same brat girl from last summer was there with a play date and did the exact same thing as she did last year.  Ug.  BUT, one of the little girls from our neighborhood that mostly ignored Em last year at the pool is now pretty friendly and includes her a lot.  It helps that the girl was in her class this year.

Oh, I meant to mention this, but has anyone seen the trailer for the US remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?  The trailer is KICK ASS!  I can’t wait. 🙂

Yesterday we did the pool early and had lunch there.  Then last night, we went out for our Geeky Girl’s Night Out ™.  We went to Ippolito’s for a yummy dinner.  There were 6 of us and we had lovely, and sometimes disturbing (thanks Sevedra! :), conversations.  We had to leave when some weird fish stink invaded our area.  Ug.  Anyway, we went over to the movie theatre.  Not being in the area where I live or shop a lot, I’d never been.  It’s one of those places where you can eat while you watch a movie.  I always thought that would be pretty cool, but I’m revising my opinion now.  I was NOT a fan of the theatre.  First off, the hallways were painted black.  Black walls, black carpet, black ceiling.  Then there were super bright lights that shone right in your eyes, making it hard to see.  So, we get to our theatre a respectable 20 or so minutes early and it’s packed.  When we got there, 3 of us went to the bathroom and 3 went to get seats.  The 3 looking for seats couldn’t find 6 together, so we ended up sitting apart.  Whatever, though…it’s not like you talk during a movie.  But the food thing….was distracting.  There was all this plate clinking and smells and it just wasn’t great to me.  The seats were office chairs and packed in so tightly that you couldn’t move in them without jostling your neighbor.  So, was not a fan of the theatre.  Maybe if we’d been eating there too, but probably not.

So, the actual movie we saw was great.  We saw Super 8.  It reminded me of Goonies meets Stand By Me with some alien stuff thrown in.  Kyle Chandler seemed underused, but I didn’t mind because the rest of the movie was so solid.

This morning, of course, Em woke me at 7.  So I’m tired and I have a headache.  Since when I wake up with a headache it doesn’t usually go away until I sleep all night again, I’m not looking forward to a great day, but I’m hoping.

We had a short week on the school stuff this week.  Our topic was Critical Thinking.  We read Maybe Yes, Maybe No by Dan Barker and What is the World Made Of? by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld.  The first one fits great, but the second one not so much.  Not surprisingly, our library has little in this area.  These two books we already owned.  We didn’t end up doing her science thing this week.  She’s working on a book called Math Perplexors for the math stuff.  It’s kind of word puzzles.  For a craft, she did this kit I found called Diva Puppies.  It’s bobble head dogs that you paint and decorate.  She also did a foam fish thing one day.  Other than that, we watched some Bill Nye, which she loves.  Next week, we’re talking about religion.


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