Posted by: wildflowerz | June 20, 2011

Could’ve won, should’ve lost and laid down in sun. Change of mind, change of line, under my tongue. I wanna go where we as people should go. I wanna know what goes on.

First off, let me pre-emptively apologize for any bitching and/or whining in this post.  I didn’t get much sleep last night and I’m feeling it.  More on that later.

I did take Em to see Despicable Me on Thursday and we enjoyed it.  Chris was working from home, so we met him for lunch and then Em and I went to the pool.  Friday we went to Chris’s work for the IT department picnic.  I was pretty optimistic in the morning.  It was overcast and cooler than it had been.  We got there around 11:30.  They had a bouncy thing that was a slide, one that was a sports thing where you threw and kicked balls, and one that was just a bouncy thing.  They also had a row of tents with carnival-type games with prizes.  Em won this silvery hat that made me call her Ziggy Stardust the rest of the day.  There were burgers, hot dogs, chicken, etc etc.  Not much on the sides or drinks, but what we had was yummy.   They also had face painting and charactures.  Em wanted her face painted, even though the line was NOT moving.  They were doing a great job, but they took ages.  And about 10 minutes after it was on and dry, she was complaining because it was itchy.  So, we took it off as soon as we got home.  By the time we were done with that, the characture line was insane, so we skipped it.  Em and I stopped by the book stores on the way home to get her free books.

Saturday, Chris’s parents and his younger sister and her hubs came over and we went to J. Christopher’s for a nice Father’s Day lunch.  It was weird as usual.  Despite the fact that Chris was supposed to be treating as a Father’s Day gift, he had to wrestle with his mom for the check.  It was odd.  We ended up giving Chris his gifts on Saturday because we’re horrible about that.  No one here has the patience to wait.  We got him this awesome Star Wars pop up book, the new Pirates Lego XBox game, an “award” for best dad, and a geeky Portal tee shirt.  We did Tuscany for dinner.

Sunday, we went to the pool in the morning and stayed for a while.  We had lunch there.  Later, one of Em’s friends and her little sister were there.  It didn’t go well.  The younger sister is 5, so obviously, she’s a little behind Em and her friend, who are 7.  She wouldn’t play the games fairly and it annoyed Em and her friend and the 2 other girls that were playing with them.  They all had temper tantrums at least once and it wasn’t pleasant.

Oh, and on the way in to the pool when we got there, I tripped over the little ledge and fell.  I scraped my arm in a small place on the stone wall.  I didn’t think it was much of a big deal.  It took off a few layers of skin in a spot about the size of 2 quarters.  It didn’t even bleed, though it hurt a lot.  It was too big for a bandaid and I do have some gauze and tape, but it wouldn’t stay on.  I took some Aleeve and it felt a bit better.  Anyway, it hurt so badly that it kept me up last night.  I was reading a really good book (Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher), so I was up a bit later reading that.  But I turned off the lights just after 11pm.  I couldn’t sleep like I normally do because my arm hurt on the sheets.  I could NOT sleep.  So, after 30 minutes, I turned on the light and read some more.  I read until about 12:30 and turned off the lights again.  I still couldn’t sleep.  I read again until I finished the book.  Still, I couldn’t sleep.  I went downstairs and got more Aleeve and a disc of Voyager to watch and hopefully fall asleep to.  That eventually worked, but I didn’t sleep well.  I think I slept a whole 3 hours last night.  Now I feel wiped out and awful.  If I could just go to the pool and lay there, it would be great, but that’s not to be because….

…Yesterday after we got showered and stuff from the pool, I went out to the library to pick up some books and to the grocery store to pick up a paper.  I got the books, stopped and got gas, and then stopped at the grocery store.  On my way out, I was at the red light in front of the store.  It turned green.  I pressed the gas, but it wouldn’t go.  I also couldn’t steer.  Fuck.  This is the exact same issue I had 2 months ago.  I was able to turn my car totally off and on again and got it into the Rite Aid parking lot next to where I was.  I parked and called Chris.  Except he wasn’t picking up the phone.  Suddenly, I’d found the flaw in not having a land line at home.  I called USAA Roadside Assistance and then called the mechanic to let them know I was on my way.  I tried Chris a gazillion times, cursing him the whole time and he never answered.  I called our neighbors to see if they could go up or send a kid up to tell Chris to call me, but they were out at the movies.  I called another neighbor for the same thing, but they weren’t answering either.  Fuck.  Eventually, Chris answered.  His phone, evidently, wasn’t ringing or vibrating or telling him he missed a call.  He only got a notification on the second voice mail I left him.  So he got there exactly at the same time as the tow truck.  We took it to be fixed and they’ve got no idea what the problem is and they can’t duplicate it.  So, they’ve still got it.  And I don’t have a car.

So, that’s where we’re at.  I think Em’s going with a friend to the library this afternoon.  Her best friend came back from a short vacation, so she’ll probably be here some day soon for a sleepover.  I hope to get back to the pool tomorrow.  And maybe Chris will be able to find some kind of numbing cream and/or my arm will quit hurting and I’ll be able to sleep tonight.  We don’t really have anything else much planned for the week.

Oh, school-type things:  Last week was religion.  We read Mary Pope Osbourne’s (of Magic Treehouse fame) One World, Many Religions.  Em liked it a lot.  It was divided into 7 sections on 8 religions (they combined Taoism and Confusianism in 1 chapter).  After each chapter I asked if she had questions.  She told me about half way through, “I don’t really have any questions, but I like learning about this stuff.”  At the end, I asked her some questions that she didn’t really have any answers for.  Things like, “Which one do you think is right?  Or are all of them right?  Or none of them?”  She didn’t really know what she thought of course, but I hope she just thinks about it.  She asked me what I thought and I told her I didn’t really think any of them were true.  She asked why, I said that I thought science had shown that they weren’t, but that I could always be wrong and that there’s always room to change your mind.  I think it went well.  Anyway, we also did a big chapter on math with adding and subtracting double digit numbers.  They started out without borrowing and carrying (I think it’s called regrouping now) ended up moving that way.  Em got pretty frustrated, but I think she learned pretty well how to do it.  We also did this Spa Lab thing that she’d gotten around Christmas.  So far, I can’t recommend it.  We did a lemon and egg white face mask that was okay.  We did a bath thing that was milk, sea salt, honey, and…something else I can’t remember that didn’t seem to do anything.  Then, we did a hair mask.  It was banana, avocado, coconut milk, and…something else I can’t remember.  It was gross.  You had to leave it on your hair for 15 minutes, but it was very runny.  So, Em sat on the edge of the bath tub with it on her hair and read while it was on.  She ended up washing her hair twice to get it out and her hair looked greasy and gross all the next day.  Ug.  There’s some recipes for bath bombs and stuff that we might try later, but so far, not great.

This week, we’re going to be talking about gender.  You know, traditional roles and the whole, “you can do anything you want” talks.  Despite the fact that blue’s her favorite color, she’s very “pink is for girls” so we’ll talk about that.  I’ve got 3 books that I hope will work well with that.  We’re doing Grouping and Sharing for math.  For her craft, she’s doing this thing call Illustory where you make your own book.  She’s still plugging away at the reading and is almost finished her 3rd go at the summer reading clubs.  We hadn’t had a ton of down time during the week this summer, so I think we’re doing well.  🙂

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