Posted by: wildflowerz | July 25, 2011

When your sparkle evades your soul, I’ll be at your side to console. When you’re standing on the window ledge, I’ll talk you back, back from the edge.

Bonjour!  My last post bored you by fawning all over the new HP movie, and this one will bore you with my life.  At least I fulfill my promises, yes?

Friday morning Em had a dentist appointment.  She was getting sealant put on her back 4 teeth.  She goes to one of those super kid-friendly dentist with cool murals, tvs above every chair, game consoles in the waiting room, etc, etc.  This was her first time doing something other than a regular cleaning.  They gave her nitrous oxide (not that she really needed it) and the lady doing it kept complimenting how good she was being.  In the end, she realized that my insurance didn’t cover the nitrous and she hadn’t checked, so she just took it off and we didn’t have to pay for it.  Usually after a cleaning, they get 2 tokens for the gumball-type machines with toys in them, but she gave Em 7 tokens.  AND she gave her this cool electric toothbrush that comes with tons of stickers so you can decorate it.  Em loves the dentist.

After the dentist, we went shopping.  Em’s done all the stuff I asked her to this summer and she just finished up the giant 2nd grade math book she was working on.  So as a reward for finishing it, I told her we’d get her something cool.  She’s been listening to music and singing and dancing to it in her playroom a lot lately.  And my old iPod that won’t hold a charge longer than 30 minutes or so wasn’t doing so well for her, so we got her one of the teensy iPod Shuffles, along with the new Selena Gomez cd.  It’s blue, of course.  (The iPod, not the cd).  She loves it!  They also finally put the D-signed Sharpay collection on sale, so I got her to two long tee shirt dresses.  They were half off!  My mom came later that day and wanted to go to Target, so we went to the other one.  She bought her this cute zebra striped dress with a bit of black lace peeking out and a cute tee to go with it.

My mom took Emily home with her on Saturday.  She was invited to a birthday party and my mom just wanted some more Em time.  Chris spent about 3 hours mowing the lawn on Saturday morning.  It was that bad.  We hadn’t mowed in a while AND he decided that would be the perfect time to bump the mower down to the lowest setting.  Yeah, I don’t know either.  So it took forever, but it’s finally cut.  It looks all dead and stuff, but at least it’s neat and trimmed, so I’m not complaining.  Have I mentioned how much we both despite yard word?  I need to go get some more of the plastic cord stuff for the weedeater and then I’ll be able to finish the yard.  We need to chop down a few bushes and pull a few weeds from some places, but mostly it looks a lot better.

That afternoon, we went to see Captain America and were REALLY nicely surprised.  We liked it quite a bit.  And that Chris Evans is HOT!  Exhibit A:

Anyway, it was a good movie.  After we went to this Chinese place that we’d only been to one other time with friends a LONG time ago.  It was good the last time, but it was weird and not good this time.  So, yeah.  Ug.

Sunday we didn’t do much of anything.  Chris went to get his hairs cut.  We caught up on tv and watched The Adjustment Bureau (not bad).  For dinner, we went out for Mexican.  We are super lively, aren’t we?  I also did some cleaning.  I had intended on doing that today, but Chris and the dog tracked in so many grass clippings that I pretty much had to.

This morning I did some grocery shopping and stopped by the library.  I was just finishing up lunch when Em and my mom came back.  Yay!  Em had a great time.  I picked up an “all Selena Gomez” magazine for her at the grocery store and she’s had her nose stuck in it ever since.  It’s so cute!  Anyway, we went to the pool and no one was there.  Now we’re sitting here at home and it sounds like a storm’s coming up.

For the rest of the week, it’s going to be movie-palooza.  The $1 this week is How to Train Your Dragon on Tuesday and Thursday.  We’re also going to see Harry Potter again.  And Em wants to see the Selena Gomez (are you seeing a trend here?) movie, Monte Carlo.  We’ve also got open house on Thursday at 4pm.  And there’s a neighborhood pool party on Saturday.  I can’t believe summer vacation’s over!  She goes back to school on Monday!

For the school stuff I planned for her, we did okay.  She watched most of the Bill Nye episodes.  She did all the big math workbook and is halfway through the small one.  I fell down on the job with the science experiments and we only did 2 I think.  She also didn’t do all the crafts, but did do most of them.  The topics were hit and miss with annoying problems getting the books from the library.  The intra-library thing takes forever.  Plus, we got put behind by vacation and spending so many days at her Grandparents.  Still, I think we did well.  She earned about 16 books from the reading programs at Barnes & Noble and Borders.  She’s read a LOT.  So, yeah.  🙂


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