Posted by: wildflowerz | July 29, 2011

It’s such a funny thing how nothing’s funny when it’s you. You tell ’em what you mean, but they keep whiting out the truth.

I know you’re all waiting with bated breath to hear how Em’s Open House went, so I’ll skip to that first.  /rolleyes

Once again, Em knows no one in her class.  Why does this keep happening?  Colossal bad luck?  Not only that, but to make it worse, her two best friends are in a class together.  Along with several of Em’s other friends.  And to add to that, remember a while ago in 1st grade, Em’s teacher offered to request that Em and her best friend be together in 2nd grade?  Well, she actually did request that they be together, but it didn’t happen.  No idea why.

I’m kinda pissed.  I’m NOT the parent who would officially bitch about it to the school, but I am the one who’s pissed and will bitch about it on my blog.  So, if you aren’t in the mood for stupid parent whining, feel free to skip this.  😉

When Em went into kindergarten, I knew she probably wouldn’t know anyone.  She only knew one little girl in the neighborhood, so I was set that it was going to be all new friends and such.  But we got there and were happy that the one little girl she knew was in her class!  We were so happy!  Through the year, she made friends with all the girls in their class.  They were mostly all very sweet girls.  Going into first, I was hoping for at least 1 little girl she knew:  either from her class or from the neighborhood that she played with over the summer.  We get to first grade and the only kid she had in kindergarten was one little boy.  At this age, that’s just as good as not knowing anyone because she doesn’t really play with boys.   ALL the girls from her kindergarten class were in the same 1st grade class except for Em.  There was a girl from her neighborhood, but it was one that was snotty to her all summer at the pool.  But, a few months into the school year, this girl moved into her class and not only our neighborhood, but our section of the neighborhood.  They became instant best friends and stuck together like glue the rest of the year.  So for those of you that think I’m all doom and gloom, I KNOW it will work out.  It has before.  But I have a right to my feelings.  So, the rest of the year, she was friendly with other girls, but she wasn’t super good friends with any of them.  One other good thing happened:  the girl from our neighborhood who was snotty with her last summer was very friendly with her this summer.

So, going into 2nd, I once again just hoped that she’d have, if not one of her two best friends, at least someone she was friendly with.  Just someone that she can talk to on the first day before she gets to know all the other girls.  We go in and find her on her class list.  I recognized NO names at all.  Em looks it over and there’s one boy from her class last year.  Once again, a boy.  So, basically no one at this age.  She did recognize the name of another little girl, but she doesn’t really know her well.  Last year when we did class plays, they did them with another class.  The girl she recognized is a girl in that class.  Turns out this was the girl who got the highest AR points in 1st grade last year.  So, trying to make the best of it, I tell Em that she and that little girl can have a friendly competition this year.  🙂

To make matters worse, her two best friends are in the same class together.  Along with several other of Em’s friends from her class last year and from our neighborhood.  I’m glad they got together, but being Em’s mom, it feels unfair for her.

So, I know it will be fine.  But I’m still supremely annoyed that this keeps happening.  She’s nervous.  She said she was fine last night, but today she told me that she was sure she wouldn’t make friends with any of the girls in her class.  Her teacher said that her class was mostly boys too.  I do have some good news.  Em’s other best friend that wasn’t in her class last year had several friends from K and 1st who are in Em’s class this year.  And Em has met them at her friend’s bday party, so hopefully she’ll be able to make friends with them.  And she’s still got AIM that she MIGHT have with one of her best friends.  She’ll also have soccer with her best friend (hopefully….they also told us we could request they be together, but we don’t know for sure yet).

So, yeah.  Other than that…Em and I went to see Harry Potter on Tuesday.  We wore our Hogwarts tees and brought our wands.  🙂  Yesterday we went to see How to Train Your Dragon at the $1 movie.  Today we’d planned on seeing Monte Carlo.  However, despite the fact that it only came out a few weeks ago, it’s not in any theatres around us as of today.  So, annoyed.  Right now, we’re watching Princess Protection Program.  Later it’s the pool.  I think Chris is going to take Em to Six Flags tomorrow.  Then Sunday I think we’re going with her best friend and her mom to see Harry Potter again. 🙂

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