Posted by: wildflowerz | August 2, 2011

Got an attitude, thinking that he’s always right. Blowing smoke rings, making me wanna fight.

Em came off the bus sweaty and with a huge grin on her face.  So, yesterday was a success!

The bus stop appears to have grown since last year!  There’s at least 20 kids there and most of the moms stay down there with their kids until the bus comes.  So that makes for a TON of people milling around.  Here she is:

She loves her new teacher.  She didn’t have a whole lot to say about her classmates, but she did say that she “knew” most of them.  Not that they were friends, but she at least had met them before.  So, that’s good.  There’s a boy that was in her kindergarten class and a boy from her first grade class.

The AR program is back up.  It was down for a bit while they put the kids in their new classes.  Sunday, I talked to Em and she wants to work for the goal again.  This year, you get to have pizza with the principals if you get to 200 points.  So I figured out how she needs to do that like last year.  Last night, she read 2 books to take tests on today.  XD

I looked over the agenda–have I talked about those before?  Do all school districts do them?  I know we didn’t when I was a kid, but that was AGES ago.  They have a spiral bound book with all sorts of information in it.  It’s got the monthly calendars with all the school events and it’s also got a day by day thing where they can write down homework or messages or whatever.  It has a pocket in the front for sending stuff in to the teacher.  Well, when we get it on the first day, I take it and make copies of the monthly calendar and put the calendar in the kitchen so I can see what’s coming up.  I usually scan through it and highlight anything that pertains to us.  Well, every year, her school has a fall festival.  Em’s been going since she was 3 years old and we stumbled on it on the way to the park one Saturday.  She LOVES it.  There’s face painting and games with cheap prizes.  There’s lots of those big bouncy things to do, cake walk, silent auction, etc, etc, etc.  Well, it’s always been on Saturday from about 1-7pm.  This year?  This year it’s on a Friday from 5-7.  Um, huh?  The coolest fun thing they did and it’s shortened and on Friday.  I also noticed that they’re doing a Fun Run again.  Don’t worry, though, if you’re reading this and I asked you to donate last year.  I’m not doing that crap again this year.  I’ll give Em $1/lap and we’ll call it a day.  Blech.  I’m fine with raising money for stuff for the school.  I even like that this is a straight donation to the school and you don’t have to buy useless crap you don’t need.  And I even like that they’re doing exercise to earn it.  It’s all great.  Except that they evidently pay these people an INSANE amount to come and put the run on.  And those people earn their money because they’re interrupting the classes every day, hyping up the kids, making teaching after that hard.  They push their shitty prizes (that break 5 minutes after they get them).  It’s just too much and too annoying and awful.  So, yeah.

Anyway, it’s nice to be at the bus stop and talking to other adults every morning and afternoon.  It’s also nice to have the whole day to myself, so I can get back on some sort of schedule.  Though, I do miss my little cutie.  We had a really good summer together!

Yesterday was grocery shopping and some cooking ahead for lunches for me this week.  I did some exercise and drank some water.  Today I need to stop by the library, Home Depot, and the grocery store again.  Publix was out of a lot of the stuff I needed.  Annoying.  I also need to do some housework around here.  Ug.


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