Posted by: wildflowerz | August 9, 2011

You hit me once, I hit you back. You gave a kick, I gave a slap. You smashed a plate over my head, then I set fire to our bed.

Here comes some more motherly whining from me.  Just so you’re prepared and forewarned and stuff.  :-\

My heart just breaks for Em.  She told me yesterday that she sits alone at lunch every day.  I suggested maybe she just ask one of the girls before lunch if she could sit with them that day.  She tells me that she did do that one day last week.  Whoever it was said yes.  So, Em gets to lunch and sits down.  The girl goes and sits somewhere else.  Of course, I just asked why she didn’t just move.  Evidently it’s a rule that once you sit down, you can’t move.  So we’re trying to come up with all sorts of strategies.  I advised her to try and be at the back of the line to the lunch room so that she could sit down after the other girls.  Of course it doesn’t work when all/most of them eat in the lunch room and Em takes her lunch.

I feel so bad for her.  I ask her if she’s making friends in her class and she always says no.  According to her, there’s not any kind of time for making friends.  She sits between two boys.  At lunch she sits alone.  She has recess with the class her other two best friends are in, so she always plays with them.  I keep telling her that it’s great she’s got such great friends, but it’s nice to make lots of friends.  I thinks she’s just a bit shy.  Not super shy like me, but yeah.  I just feel so bad for her!

Overall, she seems to be doing well.  She likes her teacher and evidently likes the stuff she’s doing in class, because she has nothing but good things to say about it.  But when she talks about sitting alone every day, she has a hard time trying to keep it together and cries.  I can only hope her new lunch strategy works.  I don’t know.

On the good news front, she’s got AIM with one of her best friends.  And it’s going to be all day on Wednesday.  Em’s very excited about that.  Her friend?  Not so much.  Her friend HATES AIM and doesn’t like the teacher at all.  Maybe Em can make her like it better.


  1. When you say alone, do you mean alone at the table or alone with kids she doesn’t know? If she is sitting alone at the table, i am very surprised about that because in Dominic’s school, they try to keep his entire class together and not spread out throughout the cafeteria. But I also know that your school is different from ours.
    It just breaks my heart and i think it stinks for her.
    What about sitting with her other friends that are not in her class?

  2. Yesterday, it was all alone. A few days last week, she sat beside boys, but never any girls. So she said there was no one to talk to. She’s fully in the phase of “boys?! ick!” Each of the classes has their own particular table that they sit at. They’ve got the whole thing, so there’s plenty of room and extra seats. You have to sit with your class and you can’t sit anywhere else.

    I do have good news from today, though. She said that she walked into the lunch room with the girl she’d asked last week to sit with and they sat together today and talked. So yay! Progress!

    • I am glad she had a good day yesterday!
      Dominic is starting on the 25th. New school, new kids and i have so much anxiety over it…

      • I’m sure he’ll be fine! But I know that doesn’t help the anxiety! /hugs

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