Posted by: wildflowerz | August 12, 2011

So I got my handcuffs, my cyanide pills, my classified dossier. Tapping the phones like yeah. Shredding the files like yeah. I memorized all the enemy spies I gotta neutralize today. Yeah it’s a party in the CIA.

Whew!  Feeling much better today.  Oh, except I didn’t really post that here….  So, I’ve been feeling kinda blah and depressive lately.  That’s all I’ll say because I’m working on it and I don’t wanna bore you.

So, update about Em:  Yesterday she comes home and tells me that she’s sitting with another girl in her class at lunch most days.  Also, she and her two best friends and the lunch girl and another girl from her class are making a club.  Evidently the purpose of this club is to play together at recess.  🙂

I’m not too sure about Em’s teacher though.  So, a bit of background:  Em’s all about reading and AR points.  I’ve talked about that ad nauseum.  Also, Em is in the gifted program (AIM).  AIM meets on Wednesdays.  So, Monday, Em took 3 books she’d read over the weekend to take AR tests on.  She didn’t have time to take the tests.  So Monday night, she read 2 more and had 5 to take tests on Tuesday.  Tuesday, she took 2 tests and read 2 more that afternoon, so she still had 5 to take tests on Wednesday.  We’d forgotten about AIM and that she’d be in that all day long.  She got extremely upset about not being able to take her tests.  I wrote her teacher a little email asking if we could work something out so Em would have a chance to take her tests.  The teacher said she’d call me that evening.  When Em got home, she was crying.  She was so upset that she didn’t have a chance to take her tests.  I had to calm her down and reinforce the fact that there’s always tomorrow and it’s okay and nothing to get upset about.  She was worried she wouldn’t be able to get to the 200 goal she wants to do.  I sat her down and did the math and showed her that if she kept up with the rate she’s going WITH the two days she didn’t get to take tests, she’d be at almost 300 points by the end of the year.  300!  She finally calmed down.

So, her teacher called later and I’m not sure what was up with her because she was talking a mile a minute and just kept going and going.  She needs to back off the speed.  Anyway, she says that Em doesn’t have time to take her tests because it’s taking her so long to do her work.  Um, huh?  Occasionally yes, but enough to warrant a mention?  That’s new.  She had no problems last year and she was doing the same reading and test taking pace as she did last year.  2 a day is SIMPLE for Em.  So, the teacher goes on and on about how Em’s taking so long to do her work and how once other kids start taking AR tests (Evidently no one else is?  I have a hard time believing that.) Em will have to take turns on the computers and other kids will be complaining that she’s hogging the computer and all sorts of stupid bullshit.  Really?  Why is this so much different than last year?  I dunno.  So, she wants Em to back off on the tests and to read some longer, more challenging books.  Okay, the more challenging part, I totally agree with.  Em’s freaking out less than 2 weeks into the year about AR points, so obviously we need to back off and stress taking it easy.  For Em’s mental health, I totally agree.  So that’s what I did.  I talked to her and until she finishes that backlog of books she’s had, we’re having no mandatory reading.  Her last STAR report last year said she should read at least an hour a day, so that’s what we were going with.  We’re not doing any of that the rest of the week.  I’ve also increased TV and fun time.  So, yeah.

So, imagine my surprise yesterday.  I get emails when Em takes an AR test.  So, I get one in the morning.  I’m thinking, “Great, she had time to do her test.”  Then, I get another email.  I’m thinking, “Okay, she’s had lots of time to do the two books I sent with her.”  Then I get another email.  And another.  And another.  She took 5 tests yesterday.  5.  From the teacher that wants her to back off on the AR tests.  So, yeah.  I’m not too sure about her teacher at all.  Oh well.

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